Jan 3, 2008

In The Sewing Room

I spent some lovely time in the sewing room yesterday...trying out my free-motion abilities with the new Viking Sapphire. Obviously, this is a bit over-quilted for a lowly potholder, but I sure did have fun!

And after weeks of Serging Ahead Towards Christmas and sewing 6 dozen cloth napkins, 3 aprons, 8 potholders, 3 tea caddy's and so forth and so on with the old machine that could barely hold a seam...this is a dream.

Holiday Happenings in My Happiness Haven have changed dramatically, now that I have a sewing machine that can sew decent seams and I have been rediscovering my love of meander stitching. I have been having such fun free-motioning like I actually thought I knew what I was doing... and then turning it over and finding a perfect bobbin stitch side, too!

And best of all, the owner of the old worn-out, burned hot pads (who gave so many new ones to others) is now the proud owner of 1 new one, herself, and the promise of more to come!

W00t, w00t !


dee said...

Sounds great and productive. I've had my Viking for a year and a half and still haven't tried the free-motion feature. I'm a lethal combination of fraidy cat and perfectionist. Deadly, no????I have set myself a goal for it this year. I'm always in awe of people who are able to do their own quilting. I just need to loosen up and be less critical of myself. Maybe I should get some more of that champagne and orange juice????

SuBee said...

LOL - the tailor has no clothes? The shoemakers children are barefoot? Preachers daughter a pole dancer, and the Potholder Queen has burned out crisps in her own kitchen. Tsk, tsk. Isn't there some old saw about taking care of yourself so that you may take care of others??? I hereby challenge you to make yourself 4 more potholders, in January. OK I'll settle for 3, but you have to stuff the old ones into a trash bag.
Can you say, "gauntlet"?

Lindah said...

Very nice quilting! Why not have elegantly quilted potholders?!
Congratulations on the new machine. Now you can have elegantly quilted everything! It really is fun. I know you will put it to good use. Enjoy!

Debi said...

Love the potholders and your quilting is great. I have a Husky Rose and I love her.