Dec 30, 2007

Fabric Bags and Birthday Card Envelopes

Our family chooses to only use gift wrap that is reusable. For Christmas, all of my gifts were wrapped in fabric and either self tied with the corners of that fabric or simply wrapped with ribbons, rick rack or cordings.

I am now in the process of adding to my shaped gift bag collection for all occasions. In this case, I made a fabric envelope for a homemade birthday card. I created this one yesterday...just in time for a family birthday party.

The block pattern is actually from Marcia Hohn's collection at Quilter's Cache. She calls this pattern Indian Star. By using busy fish patterned fabrics next to one another, it created a lovely muted effect that I felt was very reminiscent of looking at fish under water.

And it went with the fabric that the actual gifts were wrapped in...and with my theme, as well ;)


atet said...

Wow -- you sure were busy with your Christmas gift making AND with a sewing machine that needed a rest! Let's hope the new Queen is much better behaved!!! I love the gifts you made and after the paper frenzy at our place I'm thinking that renewable and reusable wrapping is the way to go (though with the little one -- I'm not sure we can totally go green yet, but for the adults we can!) It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday and a wonderful birthday! Merry (belated) Christmas and birthday and may your new year be filled with joy and love!

Shelina said...

We try to reuse wrapping paper, and have been using more and more gift bags so we can easily reuse them. Sometimes though it doesn't seem as festive if all the wrappings look like last year's stuff.
I have often thought of making my own wrapping with fabric, but haven't done that. I'm sure if I used bags, they could reuse them, but they wouldn't use just fabric as the "paper."