Dec 14, 2007

All Tied Up With Heartstrings

As I was decorating our Christmas tree this year, I couldn't help but notice how many of my decorations are made of fabric. I have always loved making my own decorations (for all of the different holidays) but Christmas is my absolute favorite.

Sometime in the 90's I switched from my bright traditional Christmas colors and went to a darker, more woodsy version. I began collecting home crafted ornaments made out of wood or metal and I added fabric, dried flowers and raffia. I've loved this cozy look and kept it for more than a decade now.

Even before I knew what string quilting was, I did strip piecing. I didn't know that it was called string or strip quilting, I just called it "patchwork" or "patchwork quilting" like most of us did early on. My little strip pieced and quilted heart ornaments (shown here) were made during this period and I made dozens and dozens of them. Simply decorated with buttons and ribbons for tying and hanging, they had a cozy look to our tree that I dearly love.

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Perry said...

These are very unique ornaments, and really lovely. I prefer ornaments that have been hand made, or from a special place, to the "regular" ones you can buy. Your tree does have a cozy look to it.