Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Short Cut Through Time: Daisy Kingdom

Thirty five years ago, a creative designer named Patti Read, opened an innovative fabric store in Portland, Oregon, that became known as Daisy Kingdom. Patty promoted sales of fabric by designing and drawing patterns (by hand) on newspaper and brown paper bags for her customers. Her sources of inspiration were drawn from childhood memories of her own family life, as well as anything light and whimsical.

In 1996, Patty Reed sold Daisy Kingdom to Springs Industries, Inc, a South Carolina based textile giant. She continue to work for them for a number of years as VP of Design but eventually opened her own design studio (Patty Reed Designs) in Portland, Oregon. The original Daisy Kingdom store in Portland closed in December of 2004, but Daisy Kingdom fabrics, especially the pre-printed panels, must live forever in in sewing rooms across America.

Since November is officially "Tie One On" month (aprons, that is) I barely had enough time, to get one made before my time ran out! Thank goodness, for occasional moments of sanity. Every once in a while, when I need a gift in a hurry, I go into stash and pull out a cheater panel of some kind (that I have been given or found at a garage sale) and I get some sewing and even a bit of quilting, done in a hurry!

Shown here, a quick 'cheater' panel apron with three sewn down lap pockets in front and an additional potholder, thrown in for fun. Made from an older Daisy Kingdom panel (buried in my stash from many years ago) I quilted it to thin fleece batting, added a colorful lining and binding and finished it up with overall meandering quilting. Got it done in just a bit over a day, and if I hadn't 'meandered' so much, I would have been done even faster!

Have you tied one on this month?