Nov 26, 2007

Helio and Julianne Are Dancing With the Stars

Tonight is the last night that you can vote on Dancing With the Stars. We're down to the final three, and it's time to get serious about committing to your favorite and making sure the final vote reflects not only popularity, but dancing ability!

Now, I think Mel B. is a naturally gifted, phenomenal dancer, and she is probably the best dancer precision-wise. But she's a Spice Girl and she dances for a living (with some singing thrown in), and let's face it, I just love Marie...getting out there with such courage and doing a great job...however, Marie Osmond has been performing since age 3! So, Helio is my man. He's a race car driver, and he never had dance lessons like the other two, and he is fantastic! It's ok if I have to share him with Nellie and dot and a few others. I don't mind. I just get him on his yellow suit days.

If we don't vote tonight for our favorite, then most phone-ins will win. Fan vote overcedes judges' it's time to get down to business and hit those phone lines! Each caller is allowed the same number of phone calls per line as contestants currently in the line up. So, expect me on speed dial...three votes for Helio.

O.K. now, 1 land line, 2 cells....hmm, I wonder if my new neighbors would like to meet me and let me borrow their telephone, for well...just three phone calls...


MARCIE said...

You are so passionate! I saw that man dance, he is really good and talk about passion! He is a race car driver? Imagine that!

atet said...

You are a nut! I mean that in a good way -- and I can't say I disagree either!

SuBee said...

Well, I see a glow far away in the north so you must be celebrating!!
Nice to see the best man won, huh?