Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Riding the Rails of the Orphan Train...

I'm Riding the rails of the Orphan Train this week and apparently having my Final Reckoning. I've not only been Sleepless in Salem but having one Day of the Dead after another. I've not only felt like an orphan myself, and forgotten my own name and thought that They Named Me Marjorie, but decided that "Marjorie" needed a train case to bring on her journey.

In a week filled with Mystery, Magic, Mayhem and Mysticism following a Full Hunter's Moon, I should have known better. I've been in The Lost World of Nostradamus, with a head filled to the brim with Strange and Unusual Facts. It was hard enough being a Hunter's Widow and spending too much time on Simple Pleasures and not enough time on Quilting.

So, out came what few "orphans" were still left after my Orphan Train Quilt and some quick piecing to make a book carry bag. What you don't see here, is just how many placements the straps had. And when I say had, I mean totally sewn in and top-stitched, then moved again. So, now I'm looking at it, and it's like, shoot...too close together! But yesterday, it was too far apart. And by the time, I put in the book and carried it all lopsided with a limp, it actually worked pretty well.

Frankly (as in frankly, my dear) when you're running on coffee and leftover Halloween sugar, and not Dr. Oz and Oprah's Glass of Green "Fresh" Recipe, like I should have been, and then top that off with all of my my ongoing syndromes....heck, I was lucky to be able to sew straight and keep one foot on the pedal at all times!

According to Google's search engine, on one blogger's search yesterday:
With Heart and Hands, A Quilting Journey: Dr. Oz's Green Drink Recipe 4 stalks celery 1 apple 1 cucumber 1 bunch spinach ..... reflected the journey across water to obtain the magic apple. - 172k - Similar pages

I mean, just how in the world do search engines come up and with and combine this stuff? My blog is now about the journey across the water to obtain a magic apple? I sure hope that if any of you went ahead and made the drink that you enjoyed it. And did you or did not put in the skin of the fruit/veggies, strain it or not strain it? And if it didn't turn out, apparently, that's because I still have the 'magic apple'. I hope it's a golden one and I get to have lots more magic and lots more journeys.

And hey, while I'm visioning and attracting, why not more and more opportunities to meet new people and talk about more unusual things! I had some fun interaction yesterday from a celebrity. "Anonymous" kept asking me questions (all day long) that I couldn't answer. How in the world does he ever find enough time to get all of those poems published when he's hounding me for answers to incomplete recipes?

By today, I'm sure Oprah's website has gotten smart and actually posted the recipe. But for a while there, due to my having a the video tape of her Anti-Aging Part 2 show, and watching and re-watching it and then writing the recipe down, I was the only site on the Internet to have an actual recipe! I got a lot of hits in a hurry before I was copied and repeated, which was a good dose of my own medicine, as in What is a Copyright and Is Blog Material Copyrighted? It was never my recipe, but it sure was interesting getting over 500 hits for a while there, and watching my version of the recipe spread across time and space to the The End of the Internet (Leather Whips, and Other Surprises).

So, if I'm having Identity Crisises and Other Misadventures , at least I was happy to introduce new readers to the wonderful world of a barely quilting-quilting blog. One of the readers went on to read as many as 35 of my pages. I assume that person was probably from a foreign country and trying desperately to translate my babbling. Honey, I feel for you. I can barely read my blog. And lots of days, I search and search trying to find meaning in the midst of all of it...not to mention any signs of real quilting!

And speaking of babbling and searches, trains and I am posting photos of my misplaced handles on my 'Orphan Train' bag. But then when I think about, orphans are misplaced by nature, and its hard for them to get a handle on when it all comes full circle, I make perfect sense.

AOL warns us:
Anything you post online, any one can see. Forever. Think Before You Post.

Now, that's a scary thought to leave you all with today!
Finn ;)