Nov 8, 2007

What Are You Doing With Your Scrapbag Today?

Finn asks, "What are you doing with your scrapbag today?"

Well, Finn...the scraps and I are meditating.

Most spiritual traditions recognize that the path to Enlightenment as entailing three types of training: 1)virtue 2)meditation and 3)wisdom. Thus, meditative prowess alone is not sufficient; it is but one part of the path.

The scraps and I are practicing cultivation of possibilities, finding the underlying order of development in their and my nature, and practicing wise understanding. We are seeking to learn what is necessary for the attainment of the highest goal on our path to enlightenment.

Ok, now I made this big mess for the picture, I might as well figure out what I can do with them and have some fun ;)


dee said...

I think you have an overwhelming task there and will be sending you my address by e-mail-happy to need to thank me.

atet said...

Hehehehe -- meditating, hmmmnnn...I usually call that one staring off into space and trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my mess!