Sep 22, 2007

Alaskan Anniversary Quilt

Because I had difficulty posting photos while I was in Alaska, and was only able to download most of my photos after I returned to Salem, I was not able to showcase a very special quilt that hangs in my parent's home in Douglas, Alaska.

This quilt was made by my sister-in-law....she claims with our help.... but actually she did all of the work. The appliqued blocks depict various Alaskan Eskimo scenes and each member of our family signed a block. It also features their names lovingly embroidered on the center block, which I blurred for privacy.

The quilt was a 50th Anniversary gift for my parents, 8 years ago. It may have taken her endless hours to piece together, but it took 7 years to simply get it hung on their wall....even though the hanger was part of the gift and came with everything but the screwdriver.

When my family came up for a family wedding/reunion in July of 2006, we vowed that somehow we would get it hung! My son literally stood on the upstairs stair rail edge and leaned out into the quilt to hang it up! I was grateful for his past history with rock climbing but also wished at the time he had, indeed, been wearing a climbing harness!

No mishaps later, but with various relatives standing on all kinds of ladders, stools and rails...we got it hung. It only goes to show that it can take longer to hang a quilt, than make one. Thanks to my dear sister-in-law, it's a beautiful quilt..... and I know my mom and dad admire it every single time they walk past do I!

This appliqued Alaskan quilt pattern features 'Kuspuk Kate and Parka Pete". There are twenty-four patterns in the series. Each pattern also includes an Alaskan theme piece. They were created and designed in Anchorage, Alaska by Jean Campbell and can be ordered from:

Kuspuk Kate and Parka Pete are the Alaskan Sunbonnet Sue and Sams. Becoming wildly popular with quilters not only in Alaska, but everywhere. To see more

A quilter offering copies of her pattern (actually going against appropriate copyright laws) shows up close views of these 'Alaskan Sunbonnet Sues' quilt blocks.


Cher said...

how moving to read this story and see this gorgeous quilt! what a talented family you enjoy

dot said...

What a great quilt. Thanks for sharing.

Erin said...

I got a warm fuzzy feeling reading the story of the quilt, nevermind your son hanging the quilt, the family watching and helping. Your sister-in-law did a fantastic job, along with everyone else. The quilt was certainly given to wonderful parents! what a blessing to have such a wonderful family! quilty hugs, Erin from NH!

Tanya said...

What a gorgeous quilt! I would love to make an applique pictorial quilt but all those pieces! All the fabric! All the cutting! All the sewing! Someday maybe one small block? Your sister-in-law has made a work of art! So nice that it can be seen everyday now.

Lindah said...

What a beautiful quilt! How nice to have up where they can see it.

Shelina said...

That is a gorgeous quilt - it is definitely a work of art- and now you can certainly say that the whole family had a hand in making and hanging it up!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Great quilt, wonderful family... WOW!

Anonymous said...

What a great story and a great history quilt.
My son and family live in Alaska, which made
me think of all the fun times we have had with them in Alaska.
Thanks for sharing.