Jul 19, 2007

Sisters 2007 Links to the Quilt Show!

My tour through the quilts of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show began and ended at the Sisters Library.

While waiting for the others to arrive, I went inside of the library and quilts were hanging from its rafters! I heard someone immediately call out "Stashbusters"...then I remembered I as wearing my identifying bandana as suggested by Cher, the Marathon Quilter.

I am a stashbuster, lower case 's' not a member of the yahoo group but I was sporting a wine colored bandana to their red ones ;) This is how I met Doni, a thoroughly delightful woman from Nebraska, who I joined in our quilt show walkabout. It was fun meeting Cher, and Nancy G. and Wanda and a few others but even better having someone to actually walk around with...thanks Doni!

The library quilts were those of the Sisters quilting group. I was amazed to discover that their group names was 'Quilting Journeys'...I had never heard of them before selecting my own Quilting Journey moniker out of my blog's title!

 My photos have been messed up by a picasaweb update..will try to add back in as I can!

The library quilts, pictured at top, were theirs. Their group's main focus is to learn and experiment with new ideas and techniques to help them grow during their own 'quilting journeys.'
We moved onto quilted art postcards and artwork which inspired quilts (no pics, here) and finally...lots and lots, all 1,200 of them, quilts! The only judging, whatsoever, was in the theme based category of the show. So, those with a theme of "Inspired by Nature" will have ribbons other than the simple green 'show' ribbon....and some of those, are shown here :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Michele! Love your description of our day at Sisters. Reading along is just like sitting and talking with you!

It was great spending time with our "imaginary friends"!


atet said...

What great quilts and I love your descriptions of the day, the place, and the people! Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Someday... I have always longed to travel to Sisters for this event. Thanks much for the report, it was almost as much fun as attending myself! Almost... the quilts are fantastic!