Jul 21, 2007

Riding Finn's Orphan Train: I'm Getting On Board!

Ever since Finn published her new blog Riding the Orphan Train, I have been feeling like a left out straggler. I desperately wanted to join in the fun, and hop the train, but I could only find a few lost geese and some straggling blocks destined for potholder glory.

As the sign by my computer says 'Think Twice". I had to post-it note those infamous last words because once is never enough for me. No sooner do I write a comment on someone's blog and hit 'publish' do I then have a good suggestion or more to say. No sooner do I sign off the internet (with my dial-up modem, no less) head downstairs, do I then remember why I came upstairs and what it was that I needed to do on the computer, in the first place!

So, naturally, as soon as I began to bemoan my lack of 'orphans' for the making of an Orphan Train quilt, do I realize that I had totally forgotten about some odds and ends panel prints stashed in a box, buried under my sewing table in my tiny little sewing haven. Climbing under that table and getting those boxes open, takes a Houdini/contortionist, but somehow, I managed to break into and out of the box. I found some orphans looking for a good home and I get to play blocks with Finn after all!

In the hidden stash, some sets of panel blocks...the 'Americana' ones most likely from the 90's, and the 'little people ones' probably from the 70's. It didn't take Einstein to figure out how to cut them up into useable blocks for an Orphan Train quilt...especially when I tossed it the 6 orphan blocks snatched back from potential potholder glory and the 4 'mistake' pinwheel blocks where they twirled instead of whirled or worst of all...just plain stood still. I tossed in a few of my lost geese and a couple of strips from one of my patriotic heartstrings and I had a plan!

And of course, AFTER I take the picture, I have my second thoughts. I haven't placed them as they really need to be...leaving spacing for the fillers etc. and some of them need to move hither and yon to actually sew into rows. But..oh well...it's an orphan train...there are always stragglers and misfits and they all still fit in and belong together eventually ;)

So, Finn....sign me up and tell Miss Ebby to make room for one more...cuz I'm getting on board!
Whoo Hooo !


Finn said...

Hurray, hurray for second thoughts!!
Ebby and I are delighted you are climbing on board our west heading train...*VBS* Good thing it's virtual because west from you could prove interesting!!
But the journey is of the mind and soul, and west offered the opportunity of a 'life' for the children of New York City. And the train stopped off in most major cities and stations along the way. Especially if the Children's Aid Society had a church connection in that community. Altho the train was destined for the west...the children ended up sprinkled like Johnny's Appleseed's trees....across our great nation.

I think your 'foundlings' look just super! And I'm guessing that not a whole lot of fitting in is going to be needed. Altho I'm sure you can see what the challenge would be without the panels...bringing those very diverse sizes together..*S*
Thanks for letting me know..*VBS* Can I snitch a picture for our Train blog?? And some of your words?? Hugs, Finn OR...send me an attachemnt of the photo..that works too!

Shelina said...

Good for you for getting aboard the orphan train. I've been sorely tempted myself! I have resisted though, because I want to work on my WIPS and UFOs before I start a "new" quilt.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Good for you! The quilt is perfect and the train waited just long enough for you to think twice; what a lucky break... glad you don't have to stow away! ;)

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I have big plans to do this project as well...so many plans!! Tracey