Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Finn, Dear....


  1. OMG - how did you do that??? That is too funny! ROFL - I have a good one for our pastor!!

  2. Dear, Dear Michele, you are priceless and such a treasure!!! Thank you for caring about me, it's very good to know you are loved, especially by God. I'm sure He was thinking "I know I made her smarter than that!".
    Such a sweetie you are...I'm almost ALLLLL better. My breathing is back to normal, my eyes are ok, and I'm tolerating food normally again.
    One smell of smoke from my neighbor's unit, sends me scurrying for the house, and I most still have anything her way closed up, but I can open the bedroom windows now, as the stumps have been extinguished by a downpour of rain. I'm planning on being very, very careful for awhile. And no more 4th of july cookouts. Big hugs and love, Finn

  3. What a great post. I'm glad Finn enjoyed it.