Apr 14, 2007

The Thinking Blogger Award: I am a deep, deep thinker....

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I am, as you all know, a deep, deep thinker. Sometimes, I am so deep, it takes most of my readers to shovel me back out again. But somehow, somewhere, there are still a few of you, who come here (you are probably all masochists) to read through another erudite blog detailing the joys of quilting. All this, mind you, from a woman who still has trouble threading a needle and has been known to sew her sleeve into the quilt top as an extra bonus.

Somehow, Miss Paula, the Quilter (one of the real ones) nominated me as her number 6 choice for the 5 choice limit for the Thinking Blogger award. Like the esteemed Ilker Yolda, I have searched deeply into the depths of my gifts to find myself, indeed, worthy of this lovely and totally fictious award.

Sadly, there does not appear to be any monetary gratuity attached to this award, such as the one that accompanies the Nobel Peace Prize or the Pultizer Prize. I am hoping that Paula will at least knit me a pair of her darling striped socks...size 5 shoe, Paula, I am perhaps more shriveled than dainty, but if the shoe fits, and it does, I am still a Cinderella in anybody's striped sock, I mean shoe.

Part of the acceptance speech required is the naming of five more victims, I mean award recipitients. Now this particular award, which of course is truly a meme who sole purpose is the propagation of blogs and the raising of blog counts to the most popular and most highly thought of bloggers...we all know who you are. Yes, we do. Not that I would stoop to such lengths, of course. I just heard about the technique from others.

So, most of my choices for raising my blog count and also some dear new friends, have already been spoken for. I shall resort therefore, to other bloggers, thinking or not, and I shall break some rules.... as you all know, I do that. And if you don't like it, talk to Finn. She's egging me on. Or maybe she just egged me, one of those, anyway!

Rather than nominate the same people for their fifth or sixth, or as one quilter has recieved, 8th time, I offer open nominations. If you have not been nominated, please accept the nomination from me, quote me, use my name and write an acceptance speech. There is no point in creating memes, spreading memes and being part of a meme unless it explodes all over the place. I am your ionic (note that is not the same as iconic) source. Spread on!!!

And if you use my blog as your nomination source, please let me know who you are. I am compiling a list of liberated quilters who like to think outside of the box, quilt outside of the lines and use colors, techniques or unique abilities that create "quilter's gasp" in others.

I hereby, fulfill the contractual obligations of my queenhood and passing the torch and tiara to a million good women. If you have ever commented on my blog, or even read it, or if you are anonymous and should have commented......consider yourself torched, tiara'ed and tagged!

Now, ladies, what do you think?


Paula, the quilter said...

You do realize, don't you, that I call my sox "Crazy Woman Sox"? When (non-knitting) people learn that I knit sox I'm asked "Are you crazy, woman?" And Ilker Yolda is such an obvious pseudonym.

Finn said...

You've got me giggling again Michele, not that I am a giggler. More like a chuckle erupting into a grin, followed by extreme jiggling of certain(and unnamed here) body parts.
Just find me a mischief maker T shirt please..*G*
What might seem excessive in others is just right in you..*VBS*

So happy to hear you are/were part of the cloth diaper brigade. Me too...5 kids and 30+ foster newborns.
At one of my grandson's showers, someone gave the mom a package of cloth diapers, pretty printed ones. She had no clue what they were and used them for burp cloths. That works too I guess. I'm also 'rooted' in the idea that children need undershirts til they graduate to T shirts and training bras.
In WI it's just good sense to do layers. I hate seeing the tiny ones with that sleeper and snaps or zipper right against their skin.
Anyhow.....congratulations on you award! You do plenty of thinking in my book.
I haven't been able to come up with just what or how I want to respond to being 'awarded' this tag. But I'll drop you an email about that...*VBS* Big Saturday hugs, Finn

Rose Johnston said...

Bravo!!!!......that was wonderful!!! i hope to inspire everyday, just by surviving that day lol ur blog is fun and real......thank you!!!

SuBee said...

snort snort, snicker, guffaw -- -ROFL! You crack me up, Queenie --
So, will you use your powers for good, or for evil?
I have to chime in about cloth diapers - I loved them! I loved them best because beginning walkers would have diapers drooping down around their knees with cute little butts hanging out; lavish opportunity to howl with laughter!