Friday, March 30, 2007

Babel Fish: I am Babeling Today !

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Spring has sprung...the flowers are out, the youngest is home from college for a week or so, my QUIPs,WIPs,UFOs,HSTs,QSTs,Flimsies, Whimsies,and thread dangling 'cottontails' have all given way to my LIPs and Rrrrippps. I have been running through the forest at midnight with Finn, fighting with Su B over an antique quilt, trying to help liberate Shelina from her spring cleaning, and learning so much from Nellie about releasing the spirit of fabric and thread. I have a blog reading list that rivals anyone's on the net. It has been an obsession, a delight and a blessing; but it has also slowed down the process of the three charity quilts in progress for the Heartstrings Quilting Project with Mary and the plantings of the pansies and primroses!

I have also learned to Babel !
It has been a hilarious experience and I dare any of you to take one passage randomly from any blog, babel it into the language of your choice and then babel it back to English. The translated version makes me absolutely cringe at what my international bloggers must be reading here!

One example... from my StringQuilting post, translated from English to French, then back to English ends.....up as:

"I am a danger with me and others. I am more than 50, on a sudden rise of high power, not sleeping and I have a rotatory cutter. I am cutting all in sight in the prickly bands of cord... and I want to say all! It obtains so much so that I have now 5 of the new bags of ziplock of 2.5 gallons, filled of falls accompanied very with an ordered manner cut into 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2"dépouille and so on... not to mention corners and ends! I cleaned my racks, arm fought the rabbit of hiding-place out of his brought back cotton part, withdrew the socks my monkey of sock, and re-used all in sight. I am not only sleep private and fall-happy, I am limiting obsessing-compulsive."

Babel is now the official language for my Wonky Women Club, otherwise known as the ' Wild, Wacky,Wonderful and Wise Wonky Women Wench's Club! '

Babel on babes and wenches....I have some fish to fry and flowers to plant!