Feb 16, 2007

Life in Progress

I am not a hand quilter. Never have been, never will. But I still try, and try and try. When I get tired of trying, I take a leave of absence. Instead of a QUIP, I have a LIP...my 'life in progress' takes over, instead. I put the quilting aside, and I work on other things or other projects or other new and different things that I want and need to learn. I am someone who quilts for fun and for giving communally to charity groups. I am happy being and doing that.

After all, I am one of those people, sewing since age 12, who then went on to making all of my own clothes, then to making almost all of my children's clothes, and of course, clothing for gifts etc. etc. etc.....who said (famous last words) "I will never, ever quilt."

Well, sooner or later, everyone who sews, and sews a lot, ends up making a table runner, or a hot pad or a quilted jacket...something...where she 'quilts.' For me, it all escalated with Hurricane Katrina and a call for community quilters to band together and create quilts for the survivors. From that point on, I have yet to not quilt or at least do something associated with quilting....each and every day.

Somedays, all I do is organize or sew labels on my quilting. Somedays, all I do is flatten out and repin my quilting, somedays all I do is search the internet for hours and hours reading quilting blogs and checking out quilting sites...driven like Shelina says she is...to learn and to grow and to just plain 'know'..all about quilting.

Today, I am staring at these hearts in a basket. A quilt top begun by someone else, taken apart and redone by me and waiting to be finished. I have tried to practice my hand quilting on it. My stitches compared to the original quilter's stitches are like a kindergartener's printing to a Palmer's School of Handwriting's graduate. But...I still try. I put in in a basket, so at least the hearts can show for February, or the red and green can show at Christmas, or the yellows and pinks can show in the Spring. So, today I offer you.... a photo of a QUIP from my LIPs ;)


Angie said...

I LOVE your "quips" and especially your "LIPS"!!! :-D I may have to borrow that "LIP" to explain my lack of progress in my quilting journey. LOL Thanks for sharing...and those hearts are really cute!

Nellie's Needles said...

Your use of baskets is wonderful. Even unfinished work becomes a display.

I wish it were possible to see how you're holding your needle when quilting. The angle when it enters the fabric has a lot to do with the size of the stitch ... well, that and the size of the needle and .....

Michele Bilyeu said...

.....and the quilter :) You are so great, Nellie!

And Angie...sending lots and lots of good thoughts and blessings your way! From my heart to yours!