Feb 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

I have said that I live in many worlds at once, that I am a daydreamer, and that I often am not present in this world. I forgot to add that I can be in two places at once or two times...past and present at once.

How very ironic to have just pushed the 'publish'button on a post dated Sunday, February 11, and then push a button and publish one minutes later that is dated Wednesday, February 14.

As we all know, if you start a post one day and it refuses to publish, you 'save it as a draft' until the time comes when blogger is playing nicely again and you can finally get photos to upload and blogger to publish.

So, today...two posts. One titled "Thinking of days gone by' and now this one. Each claiming a different posting date, yet both published at the same time. And of course, I am thinking of days gone by....three to be exact....three days to get one post to publish and then suddenly...two at once!

So today, as I think of days gone by, I also think of this day. In honor of St. Valentine, supposedly a Roman priest who was willing to hold marriage ceremonies for young soldiers and their sweethearts...defying the imperial decree forbidding marriages during times of war. The Roman emperor wanted to keep his young soldiers from being distracted from battle, by their thoughts and longings for their new wives back home.

So in honor, of this day, I offer a photo of some of my antique Valentines. My dear mother-in-law passed most of these down to me, ones that she received as a young girl. Because of them, I have gone on to collecting antique ones from even older times. As I look at the postcards with their one and two cent stamps, and read the inscriptions on the back, I not only jump back through time and space, but I am able to see glimpses of other lives and other times. It is, indeed, like looking through a window into the past.

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Finn said...

Early evening, so I can only claim one commenting date as I write these comments for you..*S*

I love your Valentines. I enlarged the picture to see the vintage and how lovely they are. I have a few of the childrens valentines, like the "To One I Love". There are no dates on mine, but I'm guessing mid to late 1930's up into the 1940's. By the time I was giving Valentines, some cartoon characters like LIttle Lulu were getting popular.
The blue one with the lacey look up in the right corner, looks quite a bit older. How nice to find someone else loves these old cards..*VBS* Hugs, Finn