Nov 6, 2006

The Fabric

fabric (Middle French fabrique 'fa-brik), from Latin fabrica workshop
structure, foundation, framework, a textile cloth which is used in construction of clothing and textile arts

I am finding that the fabric (structure, foundation, framework) of our lives is just as important as the experiences of our lives. By fabric, I mean the basic beliefs or desires or whatever we focus on, that are a deep part of ourselves. The parts that we call upon, draw in, or share with others while we are creating experiences.

One day, while we were quilting in our little group, a tv newsman suddenly popped into the room and began filming us. Suddenly, we had to think clearly, speak clearly, and share clearly,and it was not as easy as one might think. It made me realize just how much of our lives are spent simply experiencing and not reflecting upon or truly valuing.

So, that day, while being put on the spot, it created the perfect opportunity for me to look around at all of my fellow quilters and truly value all that we have created together. And while the tv exposure on the evening news was great fun, and showing up the local newspaper the week before, also great fun.........what really and truly means the most are the people that make us the fabric of my life.

My family, my friends, my wonderful quilting group, and my 'of the moment' acquaintances....they are what truly matter. The experiences are exciting, or memorable, or educational or even joyful...but the true fabric of the quilt of my the people who help me put my quilt together.

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