Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Lofting of the Batt

batt,batting, filling,wadding (in the UK)
non-woven fabric manufactured by putting small fibers together in the form of a sheet or web, and then binding them either mechanically with serrated needles, with an adhesive, or thermally melting the binder onto a web.

The filling, or batting, is what determines the loft of the quilt. A lofted place means one which is lifted up. So lofting our fabric is lifting it up higher and higher. Maybe that is why I sometimes love to use really high non-traditional batt and make my quilts so puffy they have to be tied and not machine quilted. I love 'lifting them up' and seeing the detail that is created in the fabric itself. I have always loved creating wall hangings for that very reason.

This season, I had the added fun of scrounging through the fallen autumn leaves for the 'perfect' cottonwood twig to use with my little welcoming pumpkin. It didn't last very long outside in our entry. Everyone, but myself...was too tall and their heads brushed it askew or attempted to knock it down.

So now it resides happily inside, ensconced on a wall where it seeks to welcome others by peering across the hall and through an office window. It makes me laugh everytime I walk past it...not because I am proud of its creation (I am, after all, a very simple quilter:) but because I remember being outside in the wind and the rain..searching for the perfect twig hanger.

I remember the looks on my first visitors' faces when they had to avoid hitting their heads as they passed under it. I twinkled at the synchronicity of discovering a little meandered duck face in one corner...after watching so many people 'duck down' under it. It is the journey of the quilting that gives me joy, not just the quilted creation, itself!