Friday, June 12, 2009

Quilts4Kids + Free Cross Stitch Patterns

Quilts 4 Kids is a world-wide effort involving a wonderful cross stitchery group in Australia dedicated to creating and donating squares for children with long-term or life-threatening diseases. Squares are created by individual stitchers with a selected child in mind. Themed squares are stitched on a sign-up basis and stitchers can choose their own patterns and requests. Once you choose a child that you would like to stitch for, you use a linking button on that child's website to link to a sign-up form.

And while specific children/themes can be selected, any and all stitched squares are welcomed and use for non-specific 'emergency' donations.

Being able to see a picture of that child and read about their medical conditions creates a wonderful heart opening experience for each and every stitcher involved and allows quilts to be custom designed for that child's interests.

There is no charge for the quilt to the family and free patterns are given with specific directions for quilt blocks.

List of wonderful FREE Cross Stitch Patterns:

Animals from Alita
Animals and Insects from
Bev's Country Cottage X Stitch
Beyonds Download Cross Stitch Patterns
Carol’s Cross Stitch
Charles Craft Free Designs
The Chart Shop
Crystal’s Cross Stitch
Cyberstitcher’s Pattern Library
Free Cross Stitch
Free Patterns Online
Jenny’s Free Cross Stitch
Mes Grilles Gratuites

Free Charts
Please choose from the categories below:
Bonfire Night
Cats & dogs
Designer Exclusives
For Dad
For Mum
Free Charts for Frames
Fun sayings
Home & garden
Keep Fit
Sea life

Shona's Place, crochet and stitch
Stitch X
Vic Stitch Free Cross Stitch Charts
Wonderful Cross stitch
Yiotas Cross Stitch

And from X Stitch Happy:

Acorns and Leaves Scissor Fob
  • Alphabets for Personalizations
  • Baseball Charts
  • Best Mom Needleroll
  • Busy Bees Needlework Set - Needlecase
  • Busy Bees Needlework Set - Pincushion
  • Busy Bees Needlework Set - Scissor Case and Fob
  • Cheetah/Leopard Biscornu
  • Cheetah/Leopard Needle Case
  • Cheetah/Leopard Print Scissor Fob
  • Cheetah/Leopard Scissors Case
  • Cheetah/Leopard Scissors Fob New
  • Coffee Break Scissor Fob
  • Coffee Mug Mat
  • Cross Stitch, Coffee & Cats
  • Dragonfly Scissor Fob
  • Fall Harvest
  • Falling Leaves
  • Fern Frond Chart
  • Football Chart
  • Friendship Heart
  • Friendship Heart Scissors Fob
  • Garden Chart
  • Gingerbread Man Scissor Fob
  • Gingerbread Treasure Bag
  • Gone Stitching Scissor Fob
  • Guiltless Dragonfly Biscornu and Needle Case
  • Guiltless Dragonfly Scissors Pocket & Fob
  • Humming Along Scissor Fob
  • Hummingbird Biscornu & Needle Case
  • Hummingbird Hoedown
  • Hummingbird Scissors Pocket & Fob
  • Hummingbird Triangle Scissors Case
  • Jewels of Summer Bookmark or Needleroll
  • Jewels of Summer Scissor Fob
  • Koi Pond
  • Kortney's Hearts Part 1
  • Kortney's Hearts Part 2
  • Kortney's Hearts Part 3
  • Maria Scissors Fob
  • My Stitching Friend Double Heart
  • Needlework Set Part 1 - Scissor Case
  • Needlework Set Part 2 - Scissor Fob
  • Needlework Set Part 3 - Biscornu
  • Needlework Set part 4 - Needlecase
  • Nine Lives & Quilt Cats Scissor Fobs
  • Octagon Snowflake Fob or Ornament
  • Plant Kindness
  • Princess of Perpetual Projects
  • Pumpkin Fob
  • Quaker-Style Scissors Fob
  • Queen of Procrastination
  • Roberta's Bunnies Scissors Fobs & Biscornus
  • Roberta's Cats Biscornu
  • Roberta's Cats Scissors Fob
  • Roberta's Flowers Scissors Fobs & Biscornus
  • Roberta's Pups Scissors Fob & Biscornu
  • Sandcastle Scissor Fob
  • Scarecrow Stand-Up
  • Scissors Crosspatch
  • Small Heart with Hummer Scissor Fob
  • Small Octagon Snowflake Fob
  • Small Scissors Crosspatch
  • Small Scissors Fobs Mix & Match
  • Snowman Mug
  • Snowman Scissor Fob
  • Sorry, Gone Stitchin'
  • Stork Scissors Square
  • Summer Sizzles Scissor Fobs
  • Swirly Acorn Fob
  • Swirly Autumn
  • Three Flowers
  • Three Pumpkins Scissors Fob
  • Where Stitchers Meet

  • And if you don't mind signing in at this site, and having a password, these very popular x stitch patterns are also free:
    Bright Butterflies
    Sweetheart Roses
    Butterflies Are Free
    Garden Buddies
    Today We Dedicate
    Garden Guardian
    Floral Teacup
    Country Girls
    Classic Flowers

    Free charts from Needles and Threads:

    shown above:
    Julian's about Julian and how much he loves his quilt:

    To see photos of children still needing quilts

    Michele Bilyeu Quilts With Heart and Hands for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) Join in my Liberated Quilting Challenge...and buy or donate a quilt, today!! We are changing the little quilt at a time.Michele Bilyeu blogs With Heart and Hands as she shares a quilting journey through her life in Salem, Oregon and Douglas, Alaska. Sharing thousands of links to Free Quilt and Quilt Block Patterns and encouraging others to join in the Liberated Quilting Challenge and make or donate small art quilts to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) Help us change the world, one little quilt at a time!


    1. Awesome list. I'll be checking some of these out later. What a wonderful thing to be making these squares for children.

    2. Popping in to see what you've been up to this week. Great post and definitely a worthwhile cause. Great list of needlecraft sites also *VBS* Hugs, Finn

    3. Wow Michelle, are you my US twin? LOL. I've also made quilts for Quilts 4 kids and Quilts of Love, from the donated cross stitch blocks. I You've been busy with your quilts too, blessing others and thanks for stopping by at my blog with your lovely words of encouragement.


    Michele Bilyeu blogs "With Heart and Hands" as she journeys between Douglas, Alaska and Salem, Oregon.