Aug 8, 2022

Summer Quilts + TOG Ratings

A summer quilt is usually a very light coverlet of a quilt. It consists of a front and a back and may have an inner layer of a cotton or cotton flannel sheet or very, very thin, flat batting - think of the old-fashioned no loft, very airy batting that almost looks like it could pull apart--cotton candy like! 

It is used quilted or tied,  primarily single layer of bedding in hot climates and almost always in the summer, hence the name "summer quilt"!

TOG Ratings Chart

What is a TOG and what are its ratings?

TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade and is a unit of measurement for insulation and warmth of sleepwear and bedding. 

Put simply, the lower the TOG rating the lighter the fabric. The higher the rating, the more padded and insulated it is for warmth.

Summer (hot): 3 or 4.5 Tog rating

Summer (cooler): 6 or 7.5

Spring/Fall: 9 or 10.5

Winter (Cool): 12 or 13.5

Winter (Freezing): 15 or 16.5

There you go the easy and the scientific explanation of a summer quilt!

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