Nov 29, 2021

Thanks Giving Gatherings

From my house and my heart to yours 

Our entire family is gathering together in one house to celebrate and show gratitude for our little family of twelve.

The looking forward of good times, lots of fun and laughter and the pure joy of the four littles, ranging from toddler to first grade. 

Oh the pure joy and delight that lights up each of our homes! But when joy gathers in one place, how much more it multiples!

What joyful and special little spirits they share. Blessed to be grandparents to these bright lights in our lives.

As the 4 year old said to me:
"Grandma! You have a Christmas Tree? Grandma! It isn't even Christmas! 

As I explained to her as I do to all others each year, this is our Thanks Giving Tree: My tree of Prayers and Blessings. 

Soon my decorations will be replaced by Christmas garlands and ornaments instead of my vintage bells and gifts from the natural world.

Soon, there will be wrapped packages under it waiting to be shared. For now, I delight in the lights and their glow as they warm me inside and out. 

One of my 7 Thanksgiving Cactus on a simple pumpkins, squash and gourd whole cloth quilted counter mats.

A few double layered insulbrite with fused thin batt inside of scrap fabrics to match other hostess gifts previously gifted to our Family Gathering Day hostess.

And as we gathered past our personal day of Thanksgiving past our new National Remembrance of Indigenous Peoples' Day, to our own Gathered Family Day.

So much fun, laughter, joy and really lovely food.

Her beautiful and recently gifted vintage Spode place settings from long ago so perfectly fit our autumnal into winter feelings and warmed and charmed us all. My 6 year old grandson wrote all our names. I laughed to see "Michele" instead of grandma. A simple but priceless paper name tag. 

And a remembrance of how this day truly began and the historical even sorrowful respect with a photo of my own wrapped sage and found items or gifted ones that always hold strong memories for me. Blessings to all as we have begun a season of so many holi-days--14 holy days of remembrance between mid-November to mid-January.  
(The Days of Hanukkah have begun)

Love Hope Peace Strength Wisdom

The words engraved upon these rocks as well as my heart. They have served me well these 7 decades of my life.

I look at all of the beautiful natural elements that fill up bowls and baskets always in my home as they fill my heart with peace, grace, and gratitude.

Still placing at 46th/100 of top quilting blogs on feedspot listing. So grateful for all of you who have continued to follow me and read my blog. And only 20,000 views away from 10 million viewing visitors!

I am amazed that my once very, very simple presented blog begun in 2006 became this mammoth/behemoth /ginormous monster of time, effort and work for me 💜🤗💜

I'm not doing what Fred Astair could do nor wearing high heels like Ginger Roger's as I do it.. BUT! I'm  still texting since we gave up satellite wifi almost 8 years ago on my Galaxy 9 phones data plan one keystroke at a time. If you think you can well you just do it!
I've taught myself as I went along and look at my pages and linkages now! Phew!

Michele Bilyeu Creates With Heart and Hands as she shares her imaginative, magical, and healing journey from Alaska to Oregon. Creating, designing, sewing, quilting, and wildcrafting... from my heart and with my hands