Jan 29, 2021

Night Sky Magic: Full Moon and Looking For Our Own Lion's Heart

Moon and Lion's Heart rise mid-evening January 29 and 30 | Tonight | EarthSky

On January 29 and 30, 2021, look up into the dark nights sky (and over in a general eastward direction) to see the brilliant waning gibbous moon pairing up with Regulus, the brightest star and Heart of the Lion in the constellation Leo. 
From most places worldwide, you’ll see the moon and Regulus by mid-evening, that is, midway between your local sunset and midnight.

The moon will be very near Regulus on the evening of January 29. By January 30, the moon will have moved onward in its orbit – cruising ever-eastward in front of the stars – so that you might more easily see the prominent star pattern of which Regulus is a part. 

This pattern isn’t a constellation. It’s an easy-to-see "asterism", or noticeable pattern of stars, in our night sky. It has the shape of a backwards question mark. 

Regulus, the Lion’s Heart, marks the bottom of the question mark pattern, which represents the Head and Shoulders of Leo. This beloved pattern is called The Sickle."

Hope you had a clear sky for the Full Wolf Moon of the January 27th /28th!

Full Wolf Moon falls in late January 2021 | Tonight | EarthSky

"If you consider that the winter season started for us in the Northern Hemisphere at the December solstice, the upcoming full moon is this season’s second full moon. 

In North America, we often call this full moon the Wolf Moon, Snow Moon or Hunger Moon. From around the world tonight and tomorrow – January 27 and 28, 2021 – watch for a full-looking moon to light up the nighttime from dusk until dawn. In the Southern Hemisphere, this late January full moon will be the second summertime full moon.

"Pay attention to the signs of the Universe on this day, and keep your sights set on the bigger picture. Know that if things are confusing, they won’t be that way forever. 

Clarity will soon dawn, and in time, you may even be able to look back on these events as necessary for the next steps of your journey.

Falling in the sign of Leo, this Full Moon will carry a fiery and creative energy to it.
Use this energy to make headway on any new or creative projects you may be working on. It is also great energy for allowing yourself to get motivated and excited by life."

Gratitude for the astrological readings and insights!

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