Thursday, September 01, 2016

My Puppy Blessings Quilt and Blankets

Every new baby needs a quilt whether than baby is of the human or the fur and feathers one! I've made quilts and fleece blankets for my dogs, cats and grandcats!

 And I've made quilts for my chickens..oh, yes, I have!

And if you saw this precious little pup, and then heard that little beloved fellow not even 10 weeks old had a serious accident with a can lid from a tipped over recycling bin and almost cut off his tongue and required not one but two surgeries to reconnect it..well, you'd want to do more for him than I did!

But yes, I had to make him a puppy blessings quilt to welcome him into our family..just as I do my grandbabies! And I had to make fleece blankets for cuddling up with and laying on and just playing enjoying the way puppies do!

So, the fabrics were collected, floors filled up with projects and sewing machines and thread tying needles were busy for a simple but soft little quilt of squares of absolutely perfect fabric, I had saved for 'some unknown reason' for 10 years or more!

And I used my fleece scraps from other projects to make small fleece blankets..sewn around the edges two inches in and then just cut fringed all around..for cuddling blankies.

A nice little stack of new gifts for the wee fellow, and a huge pile of old hand me down blankets and even an old quilt for soft flooring for the fellow and well, you know..just in cases ;-) 
(Not showing those old ratty things but boy, did they come in handy and were so appreciated last month when he first arrived!)

Ocho..see the figure 8 on his precious little face, a Miniature Australian Shepherd..and my fabric I'd saved for so long without even knowing hardly anything about this breed, or anyone who even had here, I'd saved....Mini Aussies fat quarters in three colors..the red, light blue and warm golden beige. Mixed in with some lasso fabric to match the lassos on the Aussie fabric and some cowboy hats and boots....leftover from bigger quilts given away years ago...perfect fabulous fun for a little pup quilt!

Surprise, sweet little one..this is for you with lots of love from Grandma Michele!

And yes!!!! As hot as summer is in my sewing loft and little sewing nook, I still made some quilts for donation to my favorite quilt and blanket charitable causes!

I haven't completely gone to the dogs ;-)And the chickens, and the cats...and the grandbabies...oh, wait! Just maybe I have !!

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