Thursday, April 07, 2016

Boxes and Boxes of $1 a Yard Fabric + Tons of Daisy Kingdom

Alexia's Cozy Covers announces its gigantic $1/yard, $2/bag and all you can fit in your car for a very final low price fabric sale!

We have been gifted a enormous amount of fabric from a wonderful woman who left instructions that her huge fabric collection (she must have had some connection to Daisy Kingdom because we also have lots and lots of DK fabric and panels for aprons, vests, tops, skirts, bags, pillows, etc) should go to non profit sewing and quilting groups. Bless this community spirited amazing fabric collector. She "wins" as the saying goes, for not just her stash but her generosity in passing it on to good causes!!!

What fun its been to go through more than 6+ CAR/VAN LOADS of after see what's inside! It's been more fun than Christmas and a lot cheaper on your fabric account! No one can feel quilty at these prices, trust me! 

We even have a lot of stuff on bolts and it will all be 1 per whack, as well. So, whack..then stack..we'll provide the fun as you select from bolts and boxes and bags, and hangers, and table loads of fun!

Our fabulous volunteer, Marsha, has been making items to demonstrate the possibilities of what can be done with even bits and baubles of Daisy Kingdom fun!  Take a Dollar Store kitchen towel and add just a piece of a band of fabric, a little rickrack and dress up your kitchen and make gifts for everyone you know for next to nothing!

Use a plain bath towel or and jazz it up and turn it into a bath sheet or beach towel fun!

Have any simple bags or know how to sew one together in minutes? Iron on a cut out and look what you get!!!

Or how about a simple carry bag?  I've seen these bags for sale for a dollar, but you could make you own , flat or boxy, and add a Daisy Kingdom cut-out and some run rickrack...oh my!!!!

Need a petite pouch or a gift wrap in a hurry, you can do it..look at this one!
Or this one?????

And how about this darling Christmas an be jazzed up into so many, many things. The rick rack is added here and then it could be a gift bag for those hard to wrap Christmas gifts or the original panel apron version like this...

Remember when we all made those super simple vests where it came all designed and ready to cut out? Well, we've still got some and the designs can be re-in-vested in like this....

or just look at all the ways you cut out applique pieces for any of the ideas above out of it!!!!

Look at this baby announcement panel! Jazz it up with a bit 'o baby decor and hang it from the rooftops when you or someone you know wants to announce a new arrival..or hey! use it to wrap the gift, make a pillow, a crib sheet..use your imagination!!

How to Make a Baby Bandanna Bib from scraps!!

I've been making a LOT of baby bandanna bibs for my little grandson, but look at this piece  from Daisy Kingdom that already to turn into a couple of's all ready sized and read to cut diagonally,  back and I'd have two for however many cents this long of a piece is ;-) next to nothing, I'm sure!  Tooo tooo cute!!

So grandmas and mom's come and buy fabric from us too,  They can be made from any fabric, add an absorbent backing...and yes..we also have a table or boxes and boxes of flannel that is 'darlingly' perfect for baby bibs. Close with a bit of velcro..I had 10 made bibs in no time and all! And then I used the smaller pieces leftover for fabric baby wipes. Too easy and so much fun!

What else can you make ..quick and easy??????

Have a little on in day care, preschool, don't want a big heavy backpack from the store ? How about one of our fabric Daisy Kingdom panels..this includes the's already a little backpack! And we have a roll of this stuff! You could outfit the entire program!

These bits and pieces of fun just came from the first search for fun, but ladies and gents..we have boxes and boxes and boxes...half a dozen cars and vans lined up to bring this stuff home to Pat's where volunteers like Pat, Mary, Linda, Marsha and others have been going through it for weeks now, making sample ideas, folding and boxing up by yardage amounts and getting them all ready to be layed out on long tables and hung from skirt hangers from rack for sale!!!!

There are so many boxes of fabric,so many rolls of panels ..I could not even get more than a few into my camera photo at a time!  Pat has a huge daylight basement, but we had so many boxes of fabric from the estate donation that we could barely turn around much less take a photo of this stash!!!

These fabulous ideas of Marsha's..go back up and check them out again....sent me home to think of more so I could get in on the fun, too! I brought home a giant panel to make a Santa sack for Christmas, and a vest panel for Halloween, and a baby bandanna panel for bibs, and a few dibs and dabs for appliques. But oh my, I definitely need to volunteer at the sale so I can pick up some more!!!

Alexia's Cozy Covers-makes blankets for youth and other in need ...

*Alexia's Cozy Covers is a non-profit group in Salem, Oregon that meets monthly to make quilts and fleece blankets for charitable donation in our area. This is more fabric than we can store or use for our own 500 blankets we make and donate a year so we are selling it in hopes of encouraging you to have some fun of your own!

Sew with the group or sew at home...I do both!

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And best of all..come to our garage sale and help us earn more money to help others with our blankets and quilts!!!

Alexia's Cozy Covers Fabric Sale
April 29 and 30th, 2016
993 Meadowlawn Dr. SE
Salem Oregon 97305

Friday, April 29 – from 9 am – 4 pm

Saturday, April 30 --from 9 am – 2 pm

As one of our wonderful founder/leaders, Linda Anderson says: "Our team of fabric sorters have been working many hours to sort and organize the fabric!! It will bring joy to your heart to see the sweet designs that you've always loved but didn't think you'd ever have access to again!"

Most Stash: She Wins!

 We just might have exactly what you need or have been looking and looking for!  But no, sorry folks, I can't take orders and do the work for you. Come and see for yourself or bribe someone you know in Oregon to come as your personal shopper! Wait a minute!!! I need money to buy fabric and help others..maybe I will be your personal shopper, but it'd have to be worth my while ;-)

Salem, Oregon, just off I-5 off ramp to Lancaster Drive, take a left towards McDonald's, then right onto Meadowlawn Drive. You'll see us and all of our tables of fun..April 29th and 30th. Come on down, or up or across..but come!!!!

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