Oct 14, 2015

The Tree Church

It’s "The Most Enchanting Place In The World!"
 And best of all, it's is part of the natural world that surrounds it!

For some people, the worship of nature and the divine go hand in hand.  They see the overwhelming beauty in the world around them and can’t help but see the hand of some other worldly, divine and universal force at work.

My recent trip to my home state of Alaska, and my blessed time on my little island where I grew up, has reminded me once again of the amazing beauty of the natural world and how that beauty can instantly connect me to the powerful energies of my heart and my hands in creating positive connections in others lives. 

Brian Cox, a New Zealand native, spent years traveling the world and studying many different houses of worship.  He’s also the owner of Treelocations, a company that moves and plants large trees.  So when he returned home, he knew exactly what he wanted to do to build his own monument to spirituality.


In 2011, Brian Began work on the Tree Church, which took him 4 years to complete. 


Brian used steel frames to make the skeleton of this beautiful church.


He used a wide variety of trees and plants to create different textures and forms.


He was careful to make sure the canopy never got too dense, so that sunlight would always illuminate the church.


For the walls he used Copper Sheen trees, because the color of their bark is so similar to stone.


When it was finished, Brian decided that everyone should be able to enjoy the church, so he opened it up to the public.


Brian’s own nephew was recently married in the church.


The building requires a lot of upkeep – it takes over 8 hours of pruning and mowing to get it ready for visitors. But it’s worth it!


“Visitors have said that they find the Tree Church relaxing and that their worries disappear,” 
Brian says. “I find that sort of feedback immensely rewarding.”

Unusual and quite lovely! Built from his heart and with his hands. It puts my own gifts and my love of wildcrafting in an entire new perspective!  Hmm, what kind of quilts would you put over the back of this beautiful chapel's pews? 

I've actually created one with my own heart and hands. Just not ready to share here as it's a gift!
Wish we could see inside and I could share..coming soon to a blog near you and very near and dear to me!!! And may my connections with my own natural world of my childhood and the new openings and understandings in my own heart lead to even better and better connections with others as I continue to create gifts of the spirit and gifts of my heart!

Michele Bilyeu Creates: www.with-heart-and-hands.com

Michele Bilyeu blogs With Heart and Hands as she shares her creative and healing  journey from Alaska to Oregon. Wildcrafting and the textiles arts... sewing, quilting, and creating prayer flags. Join me as I add my healing energies to changing our world..one little project, one gift of sharing from my heart, at a time.


Joyce Carter said...

Amazing and oh- so- beautiful!

O'Quilts said...

I can relax just thinking about it and looking at the pictures...It is a gift of love.

quiltmom anna said...

We all have places where we go and find peace and comfort. Bruce and I were to the mountains this weekend and it was lovely even though the weather was dismal. I spent time with a new friend talking about quilts and occasionally breathing the mountain air. Mostly we enjoyed a drive up to the mountain lakes and a lovely drive on the way home through some foothills and time to see vistas and, in the distance, mountains. The sun shone for a little while and all was well with the world..

Penny said...

What a beautiful post. While surrounded by trees everyday - my spirit is most alive in the desert. I love the great expanses - some, remarkably, untouched by humans. I love the rock formations. The desert seems to 'put me in my place' making me realize what a very, very small cog I am in this wonderful, magical universe.

Winifred said...

That is so beautiful. Nature does make you aware of the divine.
I remember going to a "church" in Ibiza many years ago. There were a few wooden benches up on top of a hill looking down to the sea. It was a stunning view.