Jan 2, 2015

What Color Is Your Personality?

It may not be your favorite color, but then it just might be one you absolutely love! But our personalities are influenced by many factors ..DNA, how we grew up, whether we had challenging lives and faced those challenges well, or whether we are super sensitive and let all of the slings and arrows continually wound us.

I've always had the ability to see the glow that surrounds others as well as the gloom, and I've had to learn to filter those influences out so as not to prejudge others but only to use my gifts in ways that can help to lift up others in their own healing journey int his lifetime.

But along the way, I've learned just how important it is for us to have and to use color in our lives. So, why not just have some fun with it and take a simple little test to find out more about yourself and the color that you might be projecting to others without even knowing it!!!

Now, our personalities that others feel and react too, are not quite the same as our auras..the energetic projections of our deepest and most spiritual side of our true nature, our own 'halo' if you will. The color that I love the very most is actually a blend of my personality color, the color of my aura as seen by those of us who have this gift, and the color of my personal energy at the time..healthy and strong, or ill and less strong. We are truly beings of connected mind, body, and spirit.

So, if you want to 'try again' and see what you are perhaps more like on the inside that on the outside....and I am someone who never gives up when facing almost all challenges, here's another little test!

What Color Is Your Aura?

And then again! 

Neither of these is my "Elemental Sign" as used in many indigenous or cultural belief systems.

Metal, Water, Wood, Fire,  Earth or Water or any of its variations!

Think about all of the material states of being,  as well as energetic states in this world of ours! 

Oh, yes! I do so all of the colors of this world,  and out of this world, as well!!! 

Time to head off to my little sewing, quilting, creating, and wildcrafting world and project my current state of well being and inner smile into a work of  he(art)!

The Color of My Inner Smile!

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Samplings from Spring Creek said...

This is scary--I have a major headcold and I am afraid my color might be grumpy!

pollyanna said...

I have green personality (I don't think so!) and a yellow aura :) I think so :) I think they should both be yellow! LOL