Jan 19, 2015

Tom Korn, Patriotic Quilter

Tom (Allen) Korn is a wonderful quilter here in Salem, Oregon. A veteran of the Vietnam War, he has dedicated the past three years to learning to quilt and creating the most wonderful quilts for donation to his community, to our Salem Oregon Mid-Valley Quilt Guild and to our nation's wounded warriors through Quilts of Valor.

I have the great honor of knowing him personally, having not only sat beside him at our Mid-Valley Quilt Guild (MVQG) here in Salem, but to have spoken to him a bit about his quilts. And, as a quiet and soft spoken man, that is quite the achievement!

His quilts have been entered in local quilting venues and won ribbons at the State Fair and the Oregon Garden's "Quilts in Bloom' quilt show.

But to truly enjoy and appreciate his work, you need to know a little more about him. Check out this article that featured Tom (his family calls him by his middle name, Allen,as his father was also a Tom.

But as a member of "The Quilting Sisters", his sisters refer to him as the "hairy faced sister." And do click on the innermost arrows on that webpage to see even more photos from this online version of the print article I also enjoyed.

Thank you Tom, for all of your amazing quilts and your dedication and commitment to patriotic quilting!

StatesmanJournal Article on Tom (Allen) Korn

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