Sep 5, 2014

Larry and Kelcie's Journey of True Love

This wonderful and amazing young couple, this never giving up young man, Larry was my college best friend's son, Kelly's, roommate at a neurological specialty care home here in Philomath, Oregon.

Both young men were critically injured in two separate car accidents by others and did not know each other before their accidents. Our Kelly by a elderly man driving through a flashing light crosswalk in Corvallis Oregon.

This amazing young man, Larry by a drunk driver just three days after his high school girlfriend, Kelcie's, mother was killed in a car accident that they discovered at the side of the road.

At that accident scene, Larry promised Kelcie that he would be by her side for the rest of their lives, no matter what.

When Larry then, was also hit by a drunk driver in his accident, just three days after her mother, Kelcie knew that she could and would, do no less. She loved him and she stayed by his side for all of these years.

Larry has  had wonderful improvement and was released into the care of his ever loving and completely dedicated, fiance' Kelcie and is doing so very well. And now they are happily married.

Our young friend, Kelly is in a wheelchair and on a feeding tube for life. The elderly man who hit our Kelly, got community service which he served by watching a Sunday school class and never, ever lost his driver's license. 

I am so happy that this young man's and his beautiful and loving bride and their story and that it all ended up so much better and he has so much love and support and a real chance for great happiness and a really good life in spite of his own terrible injuries.

Please watch Larry and Kelcies two amazing clips featured on GMA ..the one with band, Train's invitation to join them on a cruise just this morning. 

But please hold a thought or a prayer for my dear friend's son, Kelly Ball, who will never, ever have any of this but would, if he could, be so grateful that his neurological care home friend Larry, can and will.

Clip 1)The band, Train, invites Larry and his fiance' Kelcie, on a cruise with them on GMA this morning, and then

Clip 2) their amazing, amazing story of this young track phenom's story from a drunk driver hitting him car accident, his high school girlfriend, Kelcie, staying by his side and as I know from my friend, Patti, helping at the care home each and every day and not just for Larry, but anything she could do to help anyone there.

They took what they were given, they pieced it all together into a new and wonderful partnership of never ending love. Now, they are married and going on their dream wedding/honeymoon thanks to Internet funding, the band Train, and national and international recognition of their amazing story and their deep love for one another, no matter what.


It is so good to remember that really good things can and do happen to really wonderful and amazing people, but at the same time to hope and pray that things could only be better for our young friend.

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Scrappy quilter said...

What a great love story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

June said...

Beautiful to see their love, thank you so much for sharing.