Jul 28, 2014

The Fabulous "Wish Upon a Card" Project

Every year as I walk the many, many blocks of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, I make many wishes. Some of them are self serving as many of our wishes are...I wish my blisters didn't hurt so much, I wish it wasn't quite so hot (98 degrees) I wish I'd worn lighter clothing...


But the great equalizer, besides getting to see so many amazing quilts and really great and very fun people, is this one exhibit. you remember, just how lucky you truly are when you remember how so many others are facing so many bigger challenges.

"Wish Upon a Card" or "Wendy's Wish" has raised more than $70,000 in just the past 7 years at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, for "Wendy's Wish of St. Charles Foundation." This is a local non-profit organization that assists with non-medical expenses for people undergoing cancer treatment in Central Oregon.

 Fabric postcards are donated from across the the country ...many, many wonderful and amazing fabric postcards. This year over 500 were donated to this project. And a certain number of them are selected for individual custom framing and exhibition each year. The others are put out and available,unframed, for purchase, as well. All monies raised go towards the medical expenses of the cancer patients in the area.

Some of the framing is donated by the wonderful "High Desert Frameworks!" in Bend, Oregon.
The framing is quite magnificent and always so well chosen for each piece that they literally are transformed from beautiful fabric postcards into true works of art that are sold by silent auction, while on display, for hundreds of dollars.

Each one has a "buy now" price and/or there is a bidding sheet next to each one, where you list your name, bid, and a phone number.

I went back three times to the Sisters Chamber of Commerce. I wanted to see the exhibit again and again, plus frankly, they were air conditioned and I truly enjoyed that little extra as I walked the exhibit each time.

There were tiny pieced postcards, intricate applique and embroidery/needlworked pieces, liberated stars and hearts, and wonderful pets and animals, birds, and bees and many, many lovely flowers.

And below, is Marion Shimoda's charming this little bird. Marion's piece took first place this year
in the juried exhibit on display. Just delightful!

There were landscapes, man of the beautiful mountains and scenery of Sisters, which resides in the 'high desert' of Oregon...dry, and open, and filled with towering pine trees, lakes, mountain wild flowers, great inspiration for artists of all kinds and a wonderful setting for this amazing quilt show each year.

Here is one of Kristin Shield's house pieces, above.

 More birds....

Hearts of my own heart....

And here, below, the piece I was looking for...BetyAnn Shaver's intricate and quite beautiful postcard that she'd written and asked me to photograph for her. As an AAQI, blogging, and facebook friend, she asks me to look for hers each year, and it is great fun finding hers..they always stand out and are so lovely.

Here's an example of a bid sheet. The pink highlight means someone...Kathy..'bought it now" and ended the bidding. Good job, Kathy! It's a beauty!

Aren't they just so much fun???

Click HERE to view our photo album of all the cards selected for framing, every fabric challenge card submitted, and the Winners of the Postcard Challenge.

And speaking of fun, my friend Doni, originally of Nebraska who I met through her blogging and then met in real life in Sisters at the quilt show..what year was that, Doni?  Accidentally, and serendipitiously found me here looking at the art postcards!

We sat and talked and talked and talked and got all caught up, looked at the postcards again, and then she walked me on down to another exhibit, I hadn't realized existed.

Quilts hang in every nook and cranny of town, and some inner courtyards take either a very smart map reader (which I am not) or a good friend to lead you by the hand and say "Follow me!"  Thank you, Doni! I was happy to..it too, was an awesome exhibit..

***next post...The fabulous art quilts inspired by the National Parks of California...oh, they were sooo gorgeous!!   Don't miss seeing my next post!  ;-)

The Fabulous "Wish Upon a Card" Project

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Debra Dixon said...

The fabric postcard idea is a great one. I have many that friends gave me. I think I will frame some of them too.

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Another grand post, Michele - thanks!