Jul 25, 2014

Quilts, Quilts, and More Quilts

Quilting and service go hand and hand. Or perhaps, it's really heart in hand and then you quilt with it!

Patriotic quilts and patriotric quilt giving have always meant a lot to me.  So, it was just wonderful discovering this special exhibit at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

"Quilted in Honor" sponsored by Island Batiks, is a collection of 50 celebrity quilters that pays tribute to our military personnel and their families.  And the Sisters Quilt Show was one of only 18 national locations to host this wonderful traveling exhibit!

Featuring quilts from Alex Anderson, Rob Appell, Eleanor Burns, Carol Doak, Pat Sloan, Ricky Tims, Angela Walters, Scott Hansen and others.

"Quilted in Honor" benefits Operation Homefront's fundraising efforts for military personnel and their families.

The sun was bright and beautiful, but so were the quilts. You'll have to guess which designer made each quilt. I was just too busy admiring them to read the fine print. But the overall impression.....Amazing, America, the Beautiful! ...

Just lovely, and of course, American flags could be found elsewhere throughout the town. It is July, this is a huge celebration of quilts and quilters everywhere. A big salute to one and all.

And here, the equally fabulous Teachers Tent! Featuring quilts designed and created by the wonderful staff of talented teachers that offer lessons throughout each day of the entire week preceding the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Called "A Quilter's Affaire" you can check them out on the Stitchin' Post Website, owned and operator and founder of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!

Here are some of the amazing teacher's quilts!

And then, once you walk through the big top tent and all of these fabulous quilts, you are all super googley eyed and just see quilt after quilt after beautiful, fun, amazing quilts..on every surface, in every courtyard, in alley ways, on city buildings and in parks of all sizes and shapes.

And then, suddenly there is music...'barbershop" "beauty shop??" quartets of the most fabulous voices..I saw two different groups of ladies and I think another one of men and they were all amazing!!!!!!

And more and more fabulous quilts...all things so bright and beautiful.....

 And I have so many more photos, so bear with me, here and just look at these!

Portland Modern Quilt Guild:

And siding up to them all of these fabulous quilts and the most amazing iron? metal works you have ever seen in your life...including...get this, a Cinderella carriage..all metalwork!

Jaw draw dropping  For sure. It's one thing to see sooo many beautiful quilts, but Sisters is also now known for amazing art of all kinds. Just beautiful!

Manland!!!! and More fun and More quilts!

 The quilt below is Bill Volenkening's, a fun and colorful quilt with the most beautiful machine quilting by the amazing Jolene Knight. You have to see the quilting to believe it. Jolene captured Bill's energy and intent perfectly!

Wonderful quilts. I went around the corner and saw this great cat quilt. Bill has a black cat named Lulu who is so cute and does the cutest things. This could easily be his cat!

 Mary Lou Weidman, a dear woman and someone I am proud to call FRIEND. Mary and her zany Cow Parade.

If I wasn't smiling and happy before, I was grinning ear to ear by this exhibit!  Hilarious cute!

So much sunshine, inside and out. What a day. If you didn't want to go to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show before..you absolutely have to want to by now!  

And I may look done in, but I'm still  not done. More quilts to see and see, and see. Hard to believe you can see this many, take their photos, walk a kazillion blocks and still have a smile on your face and a song in your heart!

 Pure bliss. Pure joy!

Next post: National Park Quilts and Wendy's Wish donation quilts for the Make a Wish Foundation.

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Quilts, Quilts and More Quilts
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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I can only say one thing, dear Michele,.. "WOW"! I'm so happy that you shared this spectacular event. I absolutely love Mary Lou's Swiss cow quilt... "MOOTERHORN". Thank you.

Joyce Carter said...

Fabulous Michele. All those beautiful quilts just took my breath away. I am so happy that you shared your pictures with us. I would love to go to the show, but I know that I will never get the chance. I REALLY loved the artwork. I can just picture some of it in my yard. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.