Saturday, June 29, 2013

5 Million Readers!!!!

Good grief? Who knew I had anything worth saying that anyone thought might be worth reading?

My blog registered 5,000,000 readers sometime during my 3.5 nightly hours of sleep.  I always miss out on something!

Thank you for 'going on' 7 years of never ending blogging support. I've met so many wonderful people through this process and discovered so many fun, fun blogs in return.

I still visit a minimum of 25 of your blog sites a day, so thank to you to all of you who have ever connected in any way and become my virtual, and often real life, friends.

And thanks so very much for all of the feedback and the comments that have given me an opportunity to link back to your own blogs, and websites and get to know all of you so very much better :)

5 million viewers..are you kidding me? And over 1200 new friends? AWESOME!  Not bad for a little old crazy lady who likes to babble and takes photos of chickens, cats, and quilts.

I feel a give away for some reason or other about to come on soon ;)

No wonder we had a Super Moon and Lunar Rainbow this past week. It's a strange, strange new world that we all live in.

shown above:
'Karen's Rainbow'

I hope you were all able to enjoy the Super, super moon of last Sunday night even if you didn't know that many witnessed the even more unusual 'moonbow' or lunar flare that was visible to a select few locations.  It was visible through a dear friend's window as she passed over Sunday evening, after a warrior woman's battle against one of the most horrific of all cancers. I wasn't there in California to witness it myself,  and last saw Karen in 2011 but I can still feel her ,and her rainbow, in my heart. And I bet you can, too.

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