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Ties That Bind: Blog Hop and Give Aways

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I'm part of a Blog Hop and a fabulous Give Away Drawing, today! Thanks to Michele Foster and Marie Bostwick for including me in this fun..... as I love giving things away!!!

Michele Foster of the Quilting Gallery is a huge fan of writer, Marie Bostwick, and her wonderful series of novels based on the friendships created in the small town of New Bern, Connecticut and its Cobbled Courts Quilt Shop.

So when Michele wrote me (we became one 'l' Michele friends long before she created the Quilting Gallery..such fun!) and asked if I would be interested in being one of 10 selected bloggers to be given an advance copy of Marie's latest book Ties that Bind, and be part of her online book tour...and give away a free book..of course I gave a resounding "Yes!"

Marie Bostwick, is the author of four previous books in Cobbled Court series of novels:
Threading the Needle, A Thread So Thin, A Thread of Truth, A Single Thread
.....but this fifth novel carries itself very well, even on its own!

Drawn immediately into the story, by the newest character, Phillipa, and the complications of her relationship with her family (especially her capable and accomplished father), I was able to quickly put together the bits and pieces of the colorful characters in her brand new home in the village of New Bern, Connecticut.

With the close knit relationships centering around the Cobbled Courts Quilts Shop and its owner, and the wonderful quilts, and classes, I was reminded of my own journey of learning to quilt and the joys that friendships, as well as the complications of learning and sewing together, can bring to each of us in our own quilting journeys. And while I learned to quilt on my own, I also began with a small project, just as Phillipa does.

The suspense filled twists and turns of the plot, as well as the ways that we all find our own ways through all of them, mirrored my own 'ties that bind' with people who are not always appearing to be who we think them, and the journey we all go on as we find our way through new friendships, new jobs, or even moving into a new home, or a whole new town!

I can guarantee that if you liked any of Marie Bostwick's previous books, you most assuredly will enjoy digging into this one. And if you are a new reader, it's a great way to thread your own needle, and get started!

I know those of you who find extra enjoyment in novels with quilting themes or connections, will find and make those readily in the people, the stories, and the relationships in the....

Ties that Bind

Book Synopsis:
Christmas is fast approaching, and New Bern, Connecticut, is about to receive the gift of a new pastor, hired sight unseen to fill in while Reverend Tucker is on sabbatical. Meanwhile, Margot Matthews’ friend, Abigail, is trying to match-make even though Margot has all but given up on romance. She loves her job at the Cobbled Court Quilt Shop and the life and friendships she’s made in New Bern; she just never thought she’d still be single on her fortieth birthday.
It’s a shock to the entire town when Phillip A. Clarkson turns out to be Philippa. Truth be told, not everyone is happy about having a female pastor. Yet despite a rocky start, Philippa begins to settle in—finding ways to ease the townspeople’s burdens, joining the quilting circle, and forging a fast friendship with Margot. When tragedy threatens to tear Margot’s family apart, that bond—and the help of her quilting sisterhood—will prove a saving grace. And as she untangles her feelings for another new arrival in town, Margot begins to realize that it is the surprising detours woven into life’s fabric that provide its richest hues and deepest meaning…

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