Mar 17, 2012

The Luck 'O the Irish to You!

Kermit's green Irish eyes are always smiling as we share our free St. Paddy's Day quilt or quilt block patterns with you!

Shown above is a simple string quilt, pieced in a diagonal pattern for some easy and whimsical fun. I love playing in the strings bin and have made several of these Irish string quilts. Remember, that any quilt block or pattern can be used for this holiday by the simple use of color, and fabric patterns!

Honor the land, the culture and the people who have worked and fought so hard to survive through turbulent times and great suffering. There is still so much joy to be shared as we all feel the vibrancy and energies of being green and finding our own pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.... and celebrate life, and living today!

I'm green if not all of my string quilts are made from leftovers scraps and hand-me-downs from others. Such a good feeling to make something out of that which others might have thrown away! And yes, I've been known to fabric scraps dumpster dive at quilting groups and hit our guild's free cycle table every month! Free is the very best bargain of all!

Scrappy Pieced Shamrock Block...turn several shamrocks into a quilt...look how cute!

Scrappy Irish Chain Quilt - a 68-3/4" x 84-1/2" pieced quilt pattern from McCall's Quilting.


Single Irish Chain Quilt for Baby - alt/ 4 1/2" fussy cut w. Irish Chain from

St. Patrick's Day Quilt from Kim's Big Adventure

Traditional Irish Chain Quilt lovely traditional Irish chain Quilt pattern.

New!free St. Patrick's quilt pattern - Moonlight Quilts pdf

So cute, 4 little pieced hearts make a four leaf clover, one big clover per block, easy download makes this one a keeper!

Aunt Mary's Double Irish Chain Quilt Block Make an eight inch paper pieced block.

Broken Irish Chain a 10" pieced quilt block pattern from Quilter's Cache.

Celtic Sunrise - a 12" paper pieced quilt block pattern from Quilter's Cache

Single Irish Chain Baby Quilt

Double Irish Chain - a 12" pieced quilt block pattern from SewQuilty.

Double Irish Chain Quilt classic block for a pillow, or lots for a quilt.

Four Leaf Clover - 10" applique quilt block pattern from CompuQuilt.

Happy St. Patrick’s Surprise » the free quilt pattern's pdf file...lovely pieced hearts create a shamrock! Green for the Catholics, Orange for the Protestants, and White for the hope for peace between them.

Celtic Interlocking Squares Quilt Block:

Irish Chain - from Sharon Hultgren of EZ Quilt

Irish Chain - an 18" pieced quilt block pattern from Quilter's Cache.

Irish Chain Quilt - a 54" x 66" pieced quilt pattern from EZQuilting

Irish Eyes - a 12" pieced quilt block pattern from AZPatch.

Irish Grandma Sue Boy Block from

Latticed Irish Chain Block a 28" block from Quilter's Cache

Traditional Irish Chain quilt with some shamrock quilting!...same link as above

Trip To Ireland Quilt - a pieced quilt pattern from Simply Quilts.

Triple Irish (chain) Flower quilt pattern from Moda

Ireland Quilt by Laura Roberts for McCalls Quilting

More Shamrock ideas ...applique can be so easy and fun!
Paper pieced St. Patrick's Shamrock by Jennifer Ofenstein at Sew Hooked;
St. Patrick's Surprise quilt by Beth Lancaster at Moonlight Quilts.
St. Patrick’s Shamrock Banner at Totally Stitchin' by Babylock
Leprechaun's Hat Mini Quilt by Lyn Brown.

Celtic Knots, below, with quick, fusible bias tape. Check out ideas at Quilter's Fancy and Clover and the article How to Make Celtic Bias Tape Designs.

Hair of Neptune by Lies Bos-Varkevisser at Lies Bos Quilts.
Free Celtic Knot Patterns at Marcel's Kids Crafts;
Free Celtic Knot Cross at Ireland Fun.
Rectangular Celtic Knot and Celtic Knot in Square at Wikimedia Commons.

Also, shown below, is a beautiful pieced endless knot made by Brooke Johnsen at Pitter Putter Stitch; it is based on the free Interlocking Seasons Quilt Block Tutorial at The Parfait Cafe.

Irish Chain, Irish Plaid or Pinwheel Quilts shown earlier in my list and below:

Double Irish Chain, see the pattern by Penny Halgren at How To Quilt (and Irish Chain Video Tutorial

From McCalls

Lucky Clover Lucky Clover Quilt Block

Fairies and Flower Petals FREE Fairies and Flower Petals quilt block pattern
Fairy Ring Block FREE Fairy Ring Quilt Block pattern
Irish Chain Irish Chain
from McCalls

Treasures from Ireland Treasures from Ireland Block

Single Irish Chain by Sharon Hultgren at Simplicity.
Green Pinwheels, free pattern by Cori Derksen and Myra Harder for All People Quilt

Irish Plaid, free block pattern by Marcia Hohn at Quilters Cache.

Image credits: All images are copyrighted by their owners. I use them only because I am linking to them. Please ask permission of the linking site and not me for Pinterest pins!

Complete information can be found at the designers' websites provided in the links given throughout this linking list.

Words to applique:" Kiss Me I'm Irish

**Yellow Clover a block design first published by Nancy Cabot for the Chicago Tribune. According to Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns, Yellow Clover is one of hundreds of Cabot patterns sold by mail order during the 1930s. It is no longer available online, and the hyperlinks for photos have all been pulled off the website. But here are the directions that I still have:

Yellow Clover:
BLOCK SIZE: 10 1/2" square
  • Dark print at least 5" x 10"
  • Medium print at least 10" square
  • Light print at least 16" square or one fat quarter
Dimensions include a 1/4" seam allowance
  • Cut 2: 5" squares, dark print
  • Cut 3: 5" squares, medium print
  • Cut 5: 5" squares, light print
  • Cut 4: 3 3/8" squares, light print, then cut them in quarters diagonally to yield 16 side triangles
  • Cut 7: 2" squares, light, then cut 2 of them in half diagonally to yield 4 corner triangles
  • Draw diagonal lines from corner to corner on the wrong side of each 5" light print square. Draw horizontal and vertical lines through the centers.
  • Place a marked square on a 5" dark print square, right sides together. Sew 1/4" away from the diagonal lines on both sides. Make 2 using the dark squares and 3 using the medium ones.

  • Cut the squares on the drawn lines to yield 16 dark pieced squares and 24 medium pieced squares. Press the seam allowances open. Trim each pieced square to 2".
  • Sew a 2" light print square to a dark pieced square to make a rectangle unit. Make 4. Press the seam allowances open.

  • Lay out the square units, rectangle units, and the remaining 2" light print square. Sew them into rows and join the rows to complete the block center. Press the seam allowances in the direction indicated by the arrows. Set it aside.

  • Lay out 3 medium pieced squares and 2 side triangles. Join them to make a pieced strip, as shown. Make 4. Press the seam allowances open.

  • Lay out one medium pieced square and 2 side triangles. Join them to make a pieced strip. Make 4. Press the seam allowances open.

  • Sew a corner triangles to a pieced strip to make a corner unit, as shown. Make 4. Press the seam allowances toward the corner triangles.

  • Sew a corner unit to a pieced strip to make a large triangle. Make 4. Press the seam allowances toward the corner.

  • Sew 2 large triangles to opposite sides of the block center. Press the seam allowances toward the corners. Sew the remaining large triangles to the remaining sides and press to complete the block.

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