Friday, September 23, 2011

Urban Speak: Quiltin' and Needl'n the Patchwork

From the newest version of the Urban Dictionary:

Needle: (noun) Aggression between two people or teams, particularly in sport.
There’s always needle when Manchester United play Leeds.

Patchwork: (verb) Getting drunk at a party without buying any alcohol by bumming shots from your friends.
Man, I thought that party was gonna be lame because I had no booze, but I got lucky and was able to patchwork the night.

Quilt: (adjective) Held together tightly, or having priorities in order.
A person wearing fresh clothes, driving a dope whip, and who also has a bomb girl is said to be quilt.

Quilt: (noun) A term used to describe a woman who has had a lot of plastic surgery; she has been pieced together with new and improved parts to look like a younger, better looking woman, but comes out looking like a quilt.
Joan Rivers is a quilt!

Quiltin’: (adjective) Being authentic; original. To be fun and colorful.
The way that girl moves, man she is Quiltin’.

Quilt Feet: (verb) When one tucks one’s quilt under one’s feet in the sleeping environment. Mmm. My feet are all comfy and quilt-footed.

Quiltessential: (adjective) An event, gathering, or social setting in which a blanket comprised of patches of fabric sewn together (a quilt) is required in order to enter/participate/engage. Eleanor: Good morning Gwendolyn, we missed you at bingo last night.
Gwendolyn: Very kind of you to notice my absence Eleanor but it was a quiltessential gathering and ever since Bob Barker stopped hosting The Price is Right I just can’t seem to get any sewing done.

Quilty: (adjective) A state of depression in which you turn to blankets for comfort.
Following her break-up, Danielle became quilty and stayed in bed the rest of the week.

Quilty: (verb) To spill a powder-like substance, usually in the process of opening the container.
Mike, be careful opening the mac and cheese. You don’t want to quilty it.

Quilty: (adjective) Useless or generally annoying person who also has a bad dress sense.
Mavis is often quilty with her wardrobe.

Quilt: (noun) Term used occasionally as an insult to a complete idiot. (Liverpool, England)
E’s an absolute quilt.

Quilt: (adjective) Up to popular standards, socially acceptable. Synonyms– cool, awesome, spectacular, fabulous, stoopid, sick, epic, killer.
That’s quilt snippy.

Sew: (adjective) When you don’t care about something stupid.
“Your pants are unzipped!” she said. “SEW!! Not a big deal.”

Thread: (adjective) Top-notch; high quality.
That game was thread, kid.

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