Apr 1, 2011

Truth or Dare?

1. A psychic asked for my help in exorcising a ghost from a famous NYC hotel.
2.When I was 9 months pregnant with my second child I weighed 117 lbs.
3. I once fell out of a canoe in a freezing lake in Alaska and almost drowned.
4. I have lived with my parents for a combined total of 3 years out of the past 8.
5. I have a double baptism..one Catholic, one Protestant.
6. I taught three classes at OSU when I was an undergrad myself.
7. I have written a 419 page book on energy healing.
8. I had a total stranger describe her life in a mental hospital for 1 hour.
9. I average 3.5 hours of sleep per night.
10. I have been on TV 4 times, the radio 36, and had my photo in the Salem newspaper 6 times.
11. Three psychiatrists have asked me for help with their children.
12. The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative auction begins today and runs for 10 days.
13. I have received 3 phone calls from the State Penitentiary asking for rides home.
14. I received a phone call at 3 am from a woman screaming at me for having an affair with her 19 year old son. I told her I was 45, had 3 kids and a husband, and was too tired to have an affair with any one much less her 19 year old son.
15. I have an exaggerated imagination and love to tell and embellish stories with great detail.

Which of the above is my April Fool's? 1-15, all, none?

Truth or Dare?
I dare you to do the same ;)

shown above:
My blocks from the 9 hours I spent with Jean Wells this week.


Darcie said...

This is fun! I may have to do just this very same thing...'cept I didn't get to spend 9 hours with Jean Wells and touch lovely fabric. ;D

Happy April, Michele!

Sharon B said...

I would guess # 14, is the April Fools Joke

Anonymous said...

I think that anyone who would try to guess out of this list is really brave..I can't begin to tell. But they made me laugh and think of what I would write!

Anonymous said...

My guess is 2,9, and 14 are April fools. Some of the others seem so off the beaten path that they must be true. This was fun! Thanks

Rosalyn Manesse said...

Help, I'm trapped--ha ha

Quilt Junquee said...

You are so much fun. I never can tell when you are serious or having fun with us. I don't even want to guess but I loved it.

Anonymous said...

So, you are creative, a great writer, a wonderful quilter, a psychic, don't need to sleep and are super skinny. I used to like you..LOL.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Well there is some I can definitely rule as truth. For the rest, I have a feeling all of them are true - you don't need to exaggerate with the kind of life you have lead. If there is one that isn't true, I'll go with the psychiatrists asking for children's advice. Three separate incidents seems a bit much.

Finn said...

I'm with Shasta, I think they are ALL true, LOL. I can't think of anyone else that would apply to, but YOU. What a hoot to read! Love your way of being in the world. Hugs my April Fool friend, Finn or maybe it's Sylvia today, who knows?

Margarita said...

Interesting reading, I am probably totally wrong, but I think number 11

Browndirtcottage said...

...LOL...girl, you are just having w-a-y too much fun...I think they could ALL be true...why not?

Great blocks too...wowzer on the colors!

claudia becker said...

I love your blog, sometimes I come here and help with the google translator I know a little more of their history text, I have great admiration for you.
Best wishes and affection of a Brazilian who is learning patchwork quilt and one year.