Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tripflashing: Oregon to Alaska Again

One day I am leisurely pinning and sewing a quilt together... and the next day I am the quilt sandwich.

I went from a Saturday of playing with my blocks from my class with Jean Wells and getting the last two of them finished, to frantically trying to finish this baby quilt on Sunday. It was all pieced and had a back, but it needed to be completely pinned and then machine quilted, a binding made, and attached, and I only had one day to do it in. A day that also required another huge list of things to do, as well. But...quilting first.. after all, I have my priorities!

I will finish the last bits of it in Alaska...day after tomorrow. Yes, back to Alaska again!

And no, my mother is fine, and as stable as anyone with advanced Alzheimer's can be...but I am needed to be the 24 hour a day in home caretaker during a transition period.

The nephew who was living there has had to leave and so now all of us had to step up the tempo and our own contributions from our usual all day 'in and out' of the house care, (and in my case, state in, state out care) to someone having to be there at absolutely all times, round the clock.

A brother and his family will move in to live after I leave and the rest of us will still take our turns and shifts for continuing all of her care. We have no outside help of any kind and of course my mother is blind, diabetic, and cannot walk besides having advanced Alzheimer's and living in a quiet fog 90% of the time.

It's all very challenging but we somehow manage....some of us kick and scream and others just do it. I tend to do both....but most of my kicking and screaming is done politely behind closed doors. Too many people have already offered to make me quilted and padded white jackets as it is. And to be very honest, I look awful in white.

I'm bringing this little quilt with me and several 'almost ready to go' AAQI priority quilts for registration and mailing from up there, I updated my web album on Sunday with recent photos for future posts, and even got a couple of posts written in advance!

I have some wonderful photos to show you of the amazing JeanWell's quilts and quilting from last Thursday, some secrets I learned about her/and from her/ and many more adventures I am sure will happen en route.

Say a prayer for me as I am flying off on Tuesday at 8 am...I'm the one who has to change airplanes 3 times just to get one that is deemed fit to take off from the runway and I don't want to spend my average if 3.5 hours of sleep a night in an airport filled with bright lights and no soft places to lay on!

Maybe that's why I always make sure I have a quilt in my carry-on bag...just in case I need it, myself! It might be a bed, it might be a cover, it might be a parachute, and it might help me out as part of the 'sandwich' generation. If I'm the cheese in the sandwich, then I definitely want quilts on either side of me for my buffer zone!

Douglas Island, Alaska...here I come again...ready or not...Surprise! I'm "it" once again!