Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Need Friends...

+ One day last week, I finally joined Facebook.
- The very next day it was announced that they are 'sharing' our phone numbers and addresses.

+ One day last week, I finally got my new eyeglasses picked up.
- The very next day, I couldn't even see the computer screen or read a book.

+ One day last week, I uploaded a large list of email contacts into my Facebook memory file,
- The very next day, Facebook got mad at me, said they could not be my potential friends,
put me in time out, and said I couldn't have any new friends for two days.

+One day this week, I got out of Facebook time out and had a a few days to realize just how it
all works,how it is so amazingly competitive and addictive for so many people.
-As soon as the mind reading Facebook spies knew I had made this brilliant discovery,
Facebook put me in time out with no ability to request friends for 4 more days on top of my
last two days!!!

+ One day last week, we were planning a car trip to attend a beautiful wedding.
- The very next day week, gas went up by 20+ cents a gallon and then up and up some more.

+ One day last week, we made it safely to the Monterey Peninsula and then back again even if we did have to drive 13 hours both coming and going in one day each, only one day apart.
- The very next day, several very hard, and very challenging family events made us glad to be home in time.

+ Life is now in perspective. Some things are just more important than others.
+ Life is filled with challenges, big and small...and I truly know now that I really do need friends.

But I am still in time out, so if you are on Facebook please befriend me.

Do you notice it says I have 'no status' .....goodness me, how dare they? ;)

And if you are not on Facebook , thank you for being my blog friend, which frankly is even better. Blogger doesn't put me in timeout...oh wait a minute, I think they do! I 'time out' all the time!

And please say a prayer for all of those in Japan or with loved ones there. To all of you reading from there...we care and we care deeply!!!!

I guess when you look at the bigger picture...we all need friends.

Thank you all for being my friend.