Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Quilt! Feeling the Scrappy Love

I've been in the sewing room...feeling the love! I've always said that by the time I get up from my sewing chair, my imprint is permanently displayed.

But it pays off when you want to get four quilts done as fast as you can and if I hadn't run out of batting..I'd be done with all of them!

This little blue scrappy is a sister quilt to the little green one a while back..finished and ready to bring to one of my groups to send off to a good home with someone who really needs some quilty love.

Speaking of quilty I feeling it? These comments around the web (about this blog) made me laugh and laugh hard!

Martha Pullen forum:

"Oh brother! I got started on the With Heart and Hands blogspot and before I knew it the whole evening was gone!"

"sorry....same thing happened to me....hahahaha...."

"Me too!!! Finally added it to my Favorites. I can see me spending several hours just looking around those sites!"

Quilting Board forum:
"Just what I need - More patterns!"

And because you talked about them, here's some of those links again ;)