Mar 1, 2011


Michele Bilyeu
Salem, OR USA  

The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative 2011 March Auction is about to begin!  My quilt, shown above..
Far, Far, Away  earned us $130.00 at the last one, which sent me over the moon with happiness. But it is ALL of YOU and all of the quilts you make for after day...quilt after quilt...that add up the fastest.

And our very own,Liberated Quilting Challenge's Kathleen Connors has a quilt in our new March Auctio. Way to go Kathleen!
6309 - Apple With Leaves
Kathleen Connors

The Auction runs from March 1-10 and the bidding can be found on the Benefit Bidding's AAQI Auction webpage and viewed at any time.

I am so excited for Kathleen and urge all of you to check out her quilt, up close and personal, and make a bid on it! Congratulations, Kathleen...way to go!!!

We have some wonderful new additions to our Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative donations page and our Liberated Quilting Challenge. Many of our quilters quilts are still available for sale on that page, so check them all out!

Our 2011 additions:
6136 Praise Him
Jan Stone
6137 - Place of Safety; Psalm 9 (for sale $30) 
6138 - Happiness; Psalm 37 (for sale $45)


6307 - Make Life Colorful
Kathleen Connors
6308 - Liberated Star
Kathleen Connors
 Rene' Martinez

 Rene' Martinez

Teresa Hatten
Recap of AAQI in 2010:

AAQI raised more than $54,000 from its quilt sales at the 2010 Houston International Quilt and were able to donate $140,000 to Alzheimer's research in 2010.One of their $30,000 grants went to the University of Michigan, where researchers were able to make a major (and very hopeful) discovery about the blood-brain barrier and how scientists might be able to get cleanse the brain of plaques with medications etc. through that barrier to more effectively treat, combat, or possible someday prevent Alzheimer's Disease. Read about it here:

This is from a previous entry in Ami's blog:

"Our treasurer Debbie Chenail wrote checks for three of those studies on the same day. I signed them, with very moist eyes. We had two volunteers here getting the 1,000 quilts ready for Houston and before the checks went into the mail (in priority mailers, of course) the four of us each held a corner of the envelopes and we wished them Godspeed.
For us, and for most of those involved with the AAQI, this is personal. We know someone with the disease and we know how horrid Alzheimer’s is. And we want so badly to find a cure.
The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative isn’t like other charities. We are all volunteers, we account publicly for every penny that we spend, and we hold impromptu ceremonies before we mail checks because we know what it feels like to lose someone we love one memory at time. And we know what it feels like to make a quilt and pray with each stitch that our work will help win the fight. Isn’t that the kind of charity you want to support?"

For every one who has ever donated to AAQI- those who have made a quilt or quilts, those who have purchased a quilt or quilts....thank you so very, very much.

Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative Auction Page

The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) is a national, grassroots effort to raise awareness and fund research through art. It is classified as a ...

Total raised for AAQI in the March Auction was

How cool is that? Way to go quilters and quilt buyers!!!

Liberated Quilting Challenge: Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative

Michele Bilyeu quilts for AAQI..the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. Won't you please join us? :) 


Clare said...

I still can't quite believe how many we've made. Well done Kathleen!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Heck, Clare...we are amazing ;) And take a look at Kathleen's in the enlarged version and you can see why it was selected. Awesome, Kathleen! Love your beautiful stitching and that border fabric SO much!!

Kathleen C said...

Thanks very much! What a great group of quilts donated by our members.
p.s. I might "specialize" in hand appliqued quilts for AAQI, since most quilters make patchwork.

Anonymous said...

What a great auction! I wish you had one this month, though. Do you have more in progress?

Rene' said...

Another awesome post with fabulous pictures!!!! I hope you don't mind but I am linking to this post today from my blog. Keep doing what you are doing! Happy Wednesday!