Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snippets and Threadtales

Willow, age 16: the fabric and thread defender, Matilda, Sophie and Penelope, age 2: in charge of quilting snacks and refreshments, and Kermit, age 10: quilt construction supervisor. The Bilyeu Crew is all hard at work while I look out my window at this lovely Valentine balloon that simply blew in across the miles,and landed in one of our trees!

I feel badly for its original owner's loss, but what fun to discover it one frosty morning last week! And it landed right by our driveway, too. I hopped right out of the car to take its photo... in case the winds decided to send it on a further journey....with another blessing for someone else!

The Bilyeu..Bi-lue rhymes with ..Crew has ordered a stash inventory and quilt design assessment for the first month of the new year and into this second month....and so far so good.

I've sent two new little quilts into AAQI in January, auctioned a third one off this month, finished and brought a child's quilt in for donation through my quilt guild in January and started one for a charitable February...and I am delighted to report that my 'Far, Far, Away' earned $130 for Alzheimer's research through the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative in the auction ending on the 10th!

Oh, that made me so very happy!!!! Many blessings to 'fed1952''s final winning bidder. I am so very happy it did so well in the auction. We earned $1,990.23 with our 25 auction quilts alone and then more with 'quilts for sale' purchases. If you don't feel like making a quilt, please do consider buying one...we have lots of sale ones for lovely prices. They are just darling up on a sewing room wall!!!

So many of our Liberated Quilters have already made and added new quilts this year into the AAQI inventory, as well. Check out the lovelies by Rene', Sue, Kathleen, Julie, and Jan...down at the bottom after my last quilt ...6078---pictured. Others are waiting assignment and not yet photographed so I can't add them onto our page,yet. Click on each quilt and learn about it and its quilter. I am so proud of the quality of quilting and the generosity of our group challenge quilters!!!

May the joy I feel from meeting all of you online through your visits, comments, and your own blogs or message board comments be passed on tenfold. As much work as the computer and all of the things I do on it, are, or can is still such an amazing way to connect with others...especially quilters...all over the world. So, just remember how delighted I am to have you stop by for a visit and thank you all so very, very much!!!

Now, did anyone happen to come visiting with snacks? This bunch all have one eye open and are waiting for Valentine treats! Happy Valentine's Day...from my crew to yours!


  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Your crew is too cute! And you are always so busy you inspire me to do and give more. Happy Valentines Day!..Marcy

  2. Love those chickens, hope you get an omelet or two from the eggs! And 3 cheers for all the donations to Alz research. I did manage to send in a quilt recently.

  3. I have a chocolate bar here but I don't think it would be a good snack for any of your Crew...

  4. Great crew. I definitely agree with you about the blogging world, especially quilters. It's been wonderful to meet so many. Hugs

  5. Oops, I thought the chickens were in charge of snacks and refreshments! Happy Valentine's Day.

  6. You are so lucky to have those little supporters on board. Gorgeous!