Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little Cuties and Good Luck Patooties

According to the urban dictionary, a 'patootie' is a bit of tough luck.

Now, like most of you...I've just always said 'cutie patooties' for little darling my cats and chickens and a simple donation quilt.. and thought maybe a patootie had to do with slang originating from potato.

Well, when I think about it, I bet patootie did come from potato and if you know anything about the Irish potato blight and the enormous famine that devastated an entire nature...patooties would definitely be potato tough luck..big time!!!

I'm one of those people who sees signs and symbols and images in everything and I once had a potato that looked exactly like the Easter bunny. I even sent its photo into our local newspaper. Now it wasn't a potato chip or a pretzel but it really did look like the Easter bunny. But did they help me make the news and get my potato into a bidding war on Ebay?

Nope...potato patooties for me!

But now, here are my little darlings, including Kermit testing the edges of a quick donation quilt to turn in to my local quilt guild on Wednesday. Thanks so much to SewCalGal who sent me a priority box of her scraps and the leftover blocks and sashing strips shown here. All I had to do was add a few more pieced edges to make the sashing go all the way around, add some borders, and a backing..and I had a quilt to bring to guild with me this week!

Lots of cutie patooties and one easy quilt.