Feb 1, 2011

Far, Far, Away and the AAQI

Some of the world's mystics have described an alternate reality...one of quantum physics twelve parallel universes, perhaps,....where every thing appears to exist in shades or pink or purple. I was fascinated to read about this, as I often have very unusual dreams and have had similar experiences...in one of my dreams, I visited just such a pink and purple universe.

When I wake up from a really unusual dream, I always wonder what could it mean symbolically .....or what my subconscious might be trying to tell me...so I love dream symbolism and all of the mystical elements involved in psychology and psychotherapy. I am one of those people that others are always telling their own dreams to, sensing perhaps that I am a dreamer, too.

So, when I look at my sweet mama's face as she gazes off into her unseen world, and I see a look of separation from this world, and an awareness of something, and someplace else, I cannot help but wonder what does go on, if anything, in the mind of a person with Alzheimer's.

When I see such a look on her face, I have asked her 'where' she is...and she often tells me "I don't know...but far, far, away..."

Now, what can one do with such a dream, and such a comment? Make an art quilt and donate it to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, of course! And it does make one wonder....does being fanciful and having a mystical imagination veer too far away from the way a mind creates another reality in Alzheimer's? Oh, I'm not sure I want to travel there...not just yet, anyway!!

My own unusual dreams and my visions of a pink and purple mystical universe is probably enough of a challenge for me in this world, as it is!

The January Quilt Auction for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative has begun and my mystical little art quilt is now up for bidding! Travel other worlds the safe way...at home, in your own world, by bidding on a quilt ;)

And please do check out the For Sale page. There are so many truly, truly lovely quilts there and they all are looking for a good home!

My donated quilt "Far, Far, Away: and details about the bidding

This quilt just sold at the February AAQI auction for $130.
Many blessings and thanks to its wonderful buyer "fed1952"!


Check out my 5 star review of ALZHEIMER'S ART QUILT INITIATIVE in its entirity:

"I am so very proud that I am able to donate art quilts to this wonderful organization and even prouder when others hear my story and the stories of others just like me, and bid on, or buy quilts from AAQI."~Michele Bilyeu

Why I support AAQI, only up the number to 15:
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AAQI Liberated Quilting Challenge
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9"x 12"quilts or 4" x6" postcards for donation...my group just gives your quilt (you'd hopefully make anyway) another format to show it off on another page at AAQI ;)

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Winning bid: $130
Michele Bilyeu quilts for AAQI..the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. Won't you please join us? :)


Mary-Frances said...

What a beautiful art quilt Michele...and a thoughtful post. Will check out the AAQI website for sure.

roberta said...

I love this quilt. It's funny I have been working in that palette, too. Mine is more muted, more wintery. Thanks for sharing.

Rene' said...

Michele, you've made another fabulous art quilt!!! Love your interpretation!

VivJM said...

Michele, this is a beautiful little quilt - I hope it raises lots of money for this wonderful cause xx

EFT Manual said...

You're such a great and creative quilter! I certainly love your projects and creations.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful AAQI quilt! Love it!!

Quilt Junquee said...

The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative really features some beautiful little quilts. Thank you for letting me know about them.

Angie said...

It's so beautiful, Michele! I'm a 'dreamer' too *s* and I can fall into your little pink/purple "Far, Far Away" and travel the winding peaks and valleys, looking for .... who knows what, maybe just the secret or adventure that is truly just a glimpse from the corner of your eye. Beautiful little quilt, girl!

KathyE said...

You have outdone yourself....again. What a lovely little quilt. And I, too, worked in that color palette last month. hmmmm..... I hope it makes lots of money for research for a cure.

Anonymous said...

I just checked out the AAQI auction and there are some lovely quilts. Yours is amazing and it's doing so well! Love it!

jovaliquilts said...

It's a stunning quilt, I hope it raises a lot of money. Your mother is lucky that you are so open to her alternate reality.

*karendianne. said...

Oh Michele, what an absolutely beautiful piece. It captures the feeling you're post expresses perfectly. I really have a "feel" for what you're saying about dreams, about quantum physics and parallel universes. I think we share that sense of understanding here. So when you speak of dreams and you speak of wondering what goes on in the mind of a person with Alzheimer's, I too cannot help but wonder. I wonder because our own minds have such a minute grasp of our own reality, of what the universe holds and what is really REAL. While the patient may be gone from our own reality, I find it impossible to believe the spirit is not wandering in a parallel, mystical place.

Anonymous said...

Your Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative quilts are all so amazing. You are such a great blogger and your quilts are such a great addition to the others I've seen at their website. AAQI is truly lucky to have your support. I just want to say that even though I spend most of my time as a lurker, this is the one quilting blog I always check out every day just to see what 's new with you. Thanks for everything you share with us, it means a lot especially to families like mine that have had alzheimer's disease affect family members.

Anonymous said...

I agree with lurker number 1. Your AAQI quilts are always among my most favorite ones. AAQI is lucky to have so many quilters like you. Your quilts always have a story to go with them and that's what really makes them extra special.

Anonymous said...

Michele Bilyeu, your Alzheimers art quilts are all amazing! You have a special gift with both the design of these quilts and with your writing. I cry every time I see one and read your blog posts. Lovely.