Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Brain, Without Drugs...

I'm one of those people who do a million things at once. It is so complicated on some days, that there is no way I could even show you all of the things I am doing, or try to describe them.

But I had this collage saved from one day last week and it gives you a bit of the idea of the scraps, pieces and projects in my mind, and in my life....and for some reason, I just love doing all of it them at once.....because in the end, it all comes together ....and I really get a lot done in spite of it all!

What it doesn't show is a frozen computer where two automatic updates clashed with a pop up ad that zapped me while I was uploading quilt photos into a database at our Yahoo message board section of my Liberated Challenge...that darn pop-up ad made it through all my anti-virus programs and froze the entire desktop, all of my online photo graphics (in any and all web albums) were instantly and totally missing their photos. After minor cardiac arrest and days and days of trying to find and fix the problems....

I found out that the Windows XP would allow me one click and one click only on the desktop before everything froze. So I figured out if I clicked AVG and ran an anti-virus screen continuously, somehow it opened up the freeze, and I could then use the computer. So, for more than a week that's how I have been getting online.

Once, I managed to get back online, I downloaded IE and Google Chrome for alternatives to my now ruined Firefox, two more free anti-virus programs for more backup... and reset bookmarks and was back in business. I later deleted and downloaded Firefox a couple of more times, and now even it is working again!

It was all silly nonsense and all aggravating, but I wasn't about to pay for another computer clean out or repair. I was determined to figure it out... and do it myself! Don't ask me how I did it..but somehow I did.

I told my husband I was a genius but he was not impressed. After all, he knew I was the one who messed it all up in the first place ;)

Note any pattern here?

I decided I don't need to ever, ever get Alzheimer's disease from my 15 relatives. I make enough mind centered madness on my very own without even calling genetics in to play.

So, what if I froze the computer, lost all online graphics for two weeks, accidentally published a whole bunch of post edits yesterday, and have this much stuff all out and working on at sure is fun!

I am a genuinely happy person and never, ever, ever bored!


  1. Anonymous7:44 AM

    You are hilarious and have such a good outlook on life. I just love how you handle things that would push me over the edge and still come out smiling! I love coming to this blog!! out of lurking..Maryann

  2. Me alegro que hayas podido solucionar el problema, yo desde luego no hubiera sido capaz de hacerlo. Un beso

  3. I'm glad you can look at that "pop up" that way. I'd be furious. Love reading this are the most optomistist person I know and I love it!!

  4. Just how many anti virii have you got running at the same time? This could be your problem. You need just one Mal-aware (Ad Aware or Spybot) and one Anti Virus - I'm currently using Microsoft Security Essentials. Running AVG constantly sucks up the juice, Avast! isn't too bad, but Essentials runs quietly in the background not using much.

    Also I think you need to clean up your disk. Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Clean Disk. It's amazing what's in there!

    Re browsers. They all take up a lot of space, especially when the cache builds up. Run either Firefox or Chrome, but not both. Unfortunately you can't get rid of Microsnot Inter Not Explorer, but you can desactivate through the default programs option.

    I think I ought to come over and clean your machine up. Fee is the airfare!!!!!


  5. You crack me up, Michele! LOL What is scary, is that this post sounds like ME you were writing about. :D

  6. I just love your mind centered madness. You are my hero. My approach would be to run and hide under a blanket-followed by purchasing a new system...or...weeping until my son fixed things.

  7. I run AVG and then when necessary Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (it is free). I usually run an AVG scan and then open up Anti-Malware and download the updates. Then close Anti-Malware. Run CCleaner (another free program). When all that is done, I reboot and start madly pressing F8 as the computer starts up again. Choose Safe Mode when asked and once you have a bizarre looking Desktop open run the Anti-Malware. When you run the Anti-Malware in Safe Mode you can usually get rid of all the crap because the computer is only running on the basic necessities. Make any sense, or is it Greek?

  8. O and when you have finished running in Safe Mode, reboot and let Windows open normally.

  9. Ok, aging brain here, and having read your post and all the comments (wheeezzz) I can state with certainty that I totally understand the PICTURES. The rest...not so much. ya anyway! Big hugs for your frazzled brain, Finn

  10. I'm the type of person who can only focus on one thing at a time. I don't know how to deal with more than two things at the same time. So your ability is superpower to me!

  11. Great post Michelle! I could never ever figure out how to do all that, so my 'puter needs to keep working or go over to Larry, my 'puter guy. Of course, seeing the quilts you do, I would expect no less :)

  12. I'm glad you were able to work out all your computer problems. Losing my pictures would have caused me to panic - hope you have them saved in a backup somewhere. I think "they" recommend not having more than one anti-virus program, because sometimes they get in each other's way. You can always run an online scan using another program if you think your main one isn't doing the job.

  13. Madam: I am pretty sure you don't have any debelitating disease of the brain, because I never see you at the meetings!!!