Sunday, January 16, 2011

Most Stash: She Won!

Can you imagine going garage sale shopping one day and finding this much stash for sale at someone's house?

That's what happened to Nancy, a quilter on the Quilting Board . The Estate Sale was in Missouri and took place a couple of months ago. Apparently, the quilting wife had passed away, and the husband and/or family members of the estate held this enormous sale to dispose of fabric, quilts and other sewing supplies.

Why anyone would wait two or three months to post this much fun on a message board is beyond me. Maybe the entire group signed a pact to not talk about it until they'd all had a chance to go through it all..... and buy what they wanted, before they told the world ;)

But Nancy commented that each of those flats with the fabric had at least 25 yards each and that while the prices were a bit high for an auction, they were still less than a quilt shop. Each of the flats you can see on these tables sold for around $40-50.
Now, I am assuming it was a dual person garage sale. Because I know, if I died first..... and my husband found this much stuff stashed in the house.....he would have immediately died of shock.

I'm sure she was a lovely woman and she is dearly missed. And my condolences to the family. But. I am a bit jealous......that woman had fun in her life time, that's for sure!! And if you look closely, there are some quilts in the background...... so apparently, she did have time for quilting, as well as shopping.

My thanks to Clare and to Irene for sharing this on our Yahoo message board. And to quilters everywhere..... your futures with your husbands are now secured. If they ever dare to complain about any of your stash, bring up a photo or two from this garage sale.

Heck, I'll probably put the first photo I created ...the one with the added text....on my computer and use it as a desktop screen ;)