Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Mile a Minute

When I think of a 'Mile a Minute', I think of quilts and speed sewing. But the name actually comes from "Mile a Minute Murphy", a bicyclist from Long Island, NY.

Now, mile a minute quilts have been made since time began, and simply involve the quick quilting of bits and pieces of scraps onto one long strip of fabric after another. And I know there have been some "copyright infringement" complaints against bloggers who use that term when they are sewing similar speed piecing....but really and truly, Mile a Minute Murphy would have to hold the creative commons licensing on that term....and I don't think he's ever said a word ;)

So, I'm sewing a mile a minute today...lower case version...and the table is shaking, the scraps are flying and I think I even got the cuff of my pants stuck in the sewing machine pedal....but it's hard to see with the wind in my eyes, while I'm picking the bugs out of my teeth at the same time!

Mile a Minute Murphy.....the only thing you've got on me is thinner thighs. Sewing has never exactly been called aerobic exercise!

Darn that anyway!!!!

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