Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful for the Littlest of Things

Martha Stewart might not be dining with us this Thanksgiving, and all of the kids may or may not be Welcomed Home for Thanksgiving, but We Still Give Thanks for the littlest of things.

I'm thankful it snowed in Oregon this week, the first time we've had snow in November in seven years, because it was just enough snow that I got to wear my mother's authentic Eskimo wool parka out in public without being embarrassed at its appliqued eskimos and igloo motifs and four sizes too big appearance. I both looked and felt incredibly cozy and warm!

I'm thankful that even if we did not have enough work to have a company gift us with a free turkey, then at least we could afford to buy one ! And while the lines in the stores were already long, I met some of the nicest people as we all waited our turn at reaching the cash registers!

I'm thankful that even though my chickens were terrified by the snow, they still came out and played in it and that made me laugh...and laugh HARD!

I'm thankful that even though my cats shed like crazy all over this house, that they snuggle up and keep me cozy in between all of the cooking and cleaning, sewing, and quilting!

I'm thankful that even though my mother has advanced Alzheimer's, when she hears my voice on the phone she still knows who I am, and how I am related to her! And that is so very much more than most people get in our situation!

I'm thankful that even though I lost my father this year, the memories of good times fill me up to the brim and I am so deeply grateful to have had this man in my life for almost 61 years!

I'm thankful that even though my 94 year old mother-in-law is a bit cranky from being housebound and unable to do all of the things she once did, she still appreciates our all showing up on Thanksgiving Day with the turkey and all of the trimmings..... and cooking every bit of it at her house...and especially, our cleaning it all up before we leave ;)

I'm thankful that I have enough food to eat, a warm house to live in, enough fabric to thoroughly insulate my sewing nook, and lots of fun things to make, and to give away!

And I am ever so thankful, that because of this blog, I have met dear, dear people all over the world, and learned so very much in that process from all of you!!!

And I must admit, I am grateful I didn't laugh too hard, when Finn suggested that we could also add in small items to her New Year's Eve Challenge I forget that I am always making small things just because they are fun, and easy, and nice to be able to give to others!

shown above:
Finn's New Year's Eve Challenge:small projects #2-9
8 completed small projects ...a bag for a dear friend, another senior bib for my sweet mama, and 6 potholders to donate to my quilt guild's monthly "Potholder Project" to raise sewing supplies money for those less fortunate.

A "Martha Stewart Doesn't Live Here" Thanksgiving
Welcome Home for Thanksgiving

Finn's New Year's Eve Small Projects Challenge:
Small Project #14: Mulled Wine Mug Mat

Finn's New Year's Eve Quilt Challenge:
Quilt #11: Twilight Dreams
Quilt #10:Far, Far, Away
Quilt #9:Green and Scrappy Love
Quilt #7 and #8: Follow Your Heart 1 and 2
Quilt #6: Stringing Along
Quilt #5: Within the Depths
Quilt #4: Irish Eyes
Quilt #3: Under the Pines
Quilt #2: Hope and Remembrance
Quilt #1 Hop to It!

Finn's New Year's Eve Small Projects Challenge:
Small Project #14: Mulled Wine Mug Mat
Small Project #11-13: Two pillowcases and a senior bib
Small Project #10:Follow Your Heart Potholder
Small Projects #2-9: sr bib, potholders and a bag
Small Project #1: Get Well Postcard