Oct 13, 2010

Quilting With Hexagons:Updated 2024

In geometry, a hexagon is a polygon with six edges and six vertices. In nature, it appears in honeycombs, in a turtle's carapace, on the North pole of the planet Saturn, in the micrograph of a snowflake, and in the naturally formed basalt columns form Giant's Causeway in Ireland.

A hexagon is the only shape that will fit inside of a six sided star or Saturn Star (also known as Magan's (Magen's, Mogan's) Star, which is considered the most powerful symbol in the occult. And by the occult, I mean that which has hidden energies not obvious to the human eye, not something that is seen as "evil". It is our personal distorted unproven history of assigned meaning that creates stories of things being good or evil. Obviously we have no need to use personal fears to humanize inanimate objects!

However, it comes as no surprise that we talk of 'putting a hex' on others in regards to magical incantations of ill omen. And thus, the hexagon has often been used throughout history and through timed as a carrier of these magical energies.

However, on the flip side, all energies also carry their reverse or polar opposite within, so it also no surprise that the Magan, or Mogan Star can also become the most beautiful of shapes long been held in high esteem by those who love fiber art handicrafts of all kinds.

And, when you connect alternate points of a hexagon, it gives you a hexagram, or a six pointed star, usually called the Star of David as in the Magen David star quilt, shown above.

Six circles will fit around a seventh (of the same diameter) dividing the circumference into six equal parts, and the radius of a circle exactly divides into the circumference into six parts creating the six petaled rose we so often see in qulting.

Diamond Triple Ring Quilt Pattern

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Single Ring Hexagon Quilt Pattern

Single Ring Hexagon Quilt Pattern FREE to Download

Double Ring Hexagon Quilt Pattern Download Single Ring Hexagon Quilt Pattern 

 FREE to Download from original site

The quilt patterns (in first list below)are downloadable by clicking on the links that go through the original site: Paper Pieces  


http://www.paperpieces.com/contents/en-us/d30.htmliant Garden Quilt Pattern

By JoAnne Louis
Approximately 72" x 80

Thank you Joanne!

  • Description
Queen Size quilt pattern

Classic Quilt 3/4" Hexagon Double Ring

  • Description
Queen Size quilt pattern

Classic Quilt 3/4" Hexagon Triple Ring

  • Description
Queen Size quilt pattern

Classic Quilt 3/4" Hexagon Diamond Single Ring

  • Description
Queen Size quilt pattern

Classic Quilt 3/4" Hexagon Diamond Double Ring

  • Description
Queen Size quilt pattern

Classic Quilt 3/4" Hexagon Diamond Triple Ring

  • Description
Queen Size quilt pattern

Classic Quilt 1" Hexagon Single Ring

  • Description
Queen Size quilt pattern

Shared with gratitude from Kiwi Quilts by using a link up to her own site!

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Free Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt Pattern With History\

Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFsFree Pattern - English Paper Piecing - Cia's Palette Online Fabric

And watch how Anina over at Twiddletails uses Cia's link to print her templates off on freezer paper and then gives us a free tutorial for that whole process.

Fresh Produce Hexagons Pattern FREE to Download

Other fun projects:




Christmas Tree Ornament (2)

Christmas Tree Ornaments

First Hexabag

First Hexabag (2)

First Hexabag (alt. color)

Folded Hexagon

Hexabag - Easy Does It (1)

Hexabag - Easy Does It (2)

Hexabag - Easy Does It (3)

Hexabag - On the Go (1)

Hexabag - On the Go (2)

Hexabag - Spring Fever (1)

Hexabag - Spring Fever (2)

Hexabag - Up, Up and Away

Hexapin (1)

Hexapin (2)

Pin Cushion (2)

Pot Holder


(more fun links for projects at bottom of post!)

Honeycomb version and no spacing!

The variations of hexagonal shapes is endless, especially when combined with triangles, polygons, or other geometric shapes.

English Paper Piecing Finishing Methods Pattern

English Paper Piecing Finishing Methods Pattern FREE to Download

Free Hexagon Printables from Moxy, below:
Also check out her site for lots of other fun informtion:

english paper piecing « *Snippets and Blabbery and her tutorial on ~hand-sewn hexagons~

free template sheets to download, also from Moxy:

3/4 in. hexagon sheet

7/8 in. hexagon sheet

1 in. hexagon sheet

1.5 in. hexagon sheet

1.5 in. triangle sheet

However!  If you want spacing and you will need it..here's a fabulous set of hints for creating your own A4 sized paper hexagon pattern..for free!


Other fun links:

Project #3 Mini Hexagon Quilt by Malka Dubrawsky

  • 6th
Sewing an open donut (i.e. setting the centre hexagon inside a ring of hexaons)

Quilt shownat the top of my post:
Hand sewn, hand quilted given as a gift.
And what a blessing these are !

sharing an imaginative, magical, and healing journey from Alaska to Oregon and back again.
Creating, designing, sewing, quilting, and wildcrafting,
 "from my heart and with my hands".


Unknown said...

I have just found your site!
Its fantastic!!!!!
I was never going to quilt as my mum was a quilter and it was her "thing" and I didnt think I would be able to anyway. But friends have induced me into patchwork and I am just LOVING it. I have finished my first quilt and evn thugh I am sure its not technically very sound - I am so proud of it. I have just started Grandmas garden in the paper piecing and am enjoyng doing it. Bit frightened though with all the info available I wont have time to sew after I finish all the reading!!!!
Thanks so much for your lovely site
Chris O

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What a prodigious post! Thorough and enlightening, as usual. :- )

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Oh my gosh! This is exactly what I have been looking for! I should have come looking here first. You always offer so much to everyone.

Quiltgranny said...

I think I just read on Bonnie Hunter's blog a few days ago that she found someone who was punching the hexagon shapes using a scrapbooking punch. Who would have thought? That way you can recycle those annoying cards that are always stuck inside our quilting magazines!

julieQ said...

Thank you for this, Michelle...wonderful links as usual and so inspiring.

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Wow Michele,
I have often heard the expression putting the hex on someone but did not realize where is came from - Great post with lots of terrific patterns- I am not much of a hand quilt person so it was nice to see an alternative for making one- Would be time consuming for a large quilt- I do so admire grandmother's flower garden quilts but not sure I have the patience to create one.
Thanks for the kind words on my current post- You are such a thoughtful writer. Your words are much appreciated.
Warmest regards,

Browndirtcottage said...

WOW girl...what a great post!! I have a blogger who asked me about doing hexies....I will give her this link and send her over...just about anything she might want to know is right here!! THANKS!!

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Great post! Since your links to my templates just download the templates directly, please put a link to my blog, Moxyideas.com, somewhere. Thanks!

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Neat, thanks! I love hexagons and six-pointed stars, so this is great!