Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Putting My Feet Up

There are days that go by in slow motion. And others that go so quickly, I never cease to be amazed at how much I get done! But sometimes, I just have to take a big break, put my feet up and actually take a deep breathe and truly reeeelax.

And those days are made even better, when I get a brand new pair of hand knit socks. Paula.the quilter (who is so much more than just a quilter.... she should be named Paula.the quilter.the knitter.the artist.the friend) made and sent these to me in Oregon, where I have finally come back to ...well, put my feet up.

I lay on the floor with my feet upon...what's this?...string quilts? Yep, I have been sewing on two big string quilts for some time, now and they finally hit the pin basting stage this morning.And what do I discover?

Over at Paula,The Quilter's Place, she is offering a give-away of a nice big box of strips and strings to some lucky quilter who leaves her a comment about One Person's Trash.... so hop on over and you may end up with some lovely strips and strings, too.

If you need further inspiration, check out ....String Quilting:Tutorial and Free Patterns Once, you make your first string quilt ala Gwen Marston and her best selling early books "Liberated Quiltmaking" and "Liberated Strings", you'll never want to be less than liberated, again!

Thank you, Paula. Your gift meant the world to me and they were a perfect fit!!!! Ahhhhhh....