Jun 24, 2010

Ethel Sampson

As the local newspaper reported on August 17, 1937.

"Joseph's coat of many colors had nothing on this unique quilt which is now being completed by Mrs. Ethel Sampson of Evanston, Ill, after six years of collecting. Parts of wearing apparel from President Roosevelt, Mrs. Roosevelt, members of the Cabinet, diplomats and notables from all over. From Hollywood, Bing Crosby sent a tie while Mae West and Shirley Temple contributed parts of dresses. Former Emperor Haile Selassie's neckties and a linen of Windsor are also included on the quilt. Diapers from the Dionne Quintuplets are also prominently displayed."
Harris & Ewing glass negative.

Ethel Sampson looks like a lot of fun. You've got to love her crazy quilt of many colors. She didn't care about political persuasion, religious beliefs, or who showed who their bloomers. Nope, even hers seems to be showing...or ate least a slip. And her husband, or perhaps he's the handyman who only came on Thursdays and climbed up on tall ladders just for Ethel, seems to a very good sport and dapper, too. I'm not sure...is that a beret or a toupee? He's dandy in my eyes and I bet in Ethel's, as well!

So, this week, with real life crazy-busy with yard, garden, chickens, cat antics, visitors, friends in hospitals having surgery, backpackers taking off, family moving in and out of houses, parents with increasing health issues...my two plus my M-I-L....our getting ready to head back to Alaska (next week if we all survive to make the trip!) to check in on family and attend a nephew's wedding, I look at Ethel and her great big wonderful quilt and I think, thank goodness for distractions and the fun of quilting!


MARCIE said...

What an amazing quilt! You have to admire a woman with that much gumption! I wondered about the guy in the corner as well. My experience with men holding up quilts is that they are rarely smiling.
Good luck with your next Alaskan adventure!

Bee Quilter said...

Diapers???? I wonder if they were used or unused. Great article, interesting quilt!

Quilt Junquee said...

Wish I actually had this one in my collection. Beats autographs of famous people doncha think?

Linda said...

I think Ethel and all her relatives can relax. I'm thinking that it's not her bloomers or slip that's showing; it looks to be a little girl's legs and shoes and her dress as she is sitting in a chair. I wonder what something like that would sell for. Doubt if a price can be put on it.