Saturday, November 07, 2009

Donating a Quilt: Fort Hood

Cherri, of Cherry House Quilts, has a son Spc. Luke House, who is the command executive assistant, STB, III Corp, at Fort Hood, who was working on base, when the Ford Hood tragedy killed 12 people and wounded 31.

Cherri has spent her life making sure that others feel loved and included and Cherri is a fabric artist and magician who happens to make quilts. Along with her daughter, Lizzy, they have designed and created the patterns of Cherry House Quilts.

And because she has a big heart, and because her son is at Fort Hood, and because she can quilt, then of course her great big quilter's heart wants to give a quilt to each of the 31 wounded survivors of this terrible tragedy. A number of quilts, in a variety of colors, have already been offered, but she could use a few dozen more as the wounded are divided between three hospitals in the area, and those that didn't survive, have families and lives that they touched, everywhere.

Please visit her at Cherry House Quilts, where I visited via Debi of Debi Quilts, and help these wonderful women by making or donating an already made quilt.