Sep 27, 2009

Finn's New Years Eve Challenge 2009

I'm in like Finn, and joining her "New Year's Eve Challenge." While Finn is Crossing the T's and Dotting the I's... I'm just trying to count up to 19.

NINETEEN???? I told Finn that I could get 19 projects done by New Year's Eve??

My magical awakening at 3 am and its resulting sleep deprivation has pushed me over the proverbial edge but I continue to hold on...and as I've always proclaimed "My best work is done at the edge, holding onto one world, and yet fully walking in another;)" But honestly, I have a huge '(want) to do' list, and as I looked at what had to be done in the next 3 months and counting all the small ones, and all the baby sized ones, and all the too big to fit in (but I will ones)...yep, 19.

And no, that did not include my Christmas gifts...I'm talking charitable donations, here except for one birthday gift and one new baby gift!
And no...that is not what you see on my 'to do list''s larger than even that!

Last year I signed up for her challenge... and as soon as I did, I headed for Alaska to help out my parents. I stayed a month and then I then I was barely home again and got called back with Love and Hope to help my parents in another emergency health situation for another 2 months!

So, on New Year's Eve 2008, I was on an Alaska Airline's plane to Seattle, and then a Horizon plane to Portland, Oregon and no additional projects were even done.

But I had worked harder than I've ever worked in my life care taking my very, very ill parents, with medications and side effects, and personal care, and constant fetching and carrying and of, cooking, doing diabetic shots, getting the rest of my family up to Alaska for Christmas in the middle of a snow storm...finding every single person in my extended family a name it. I am a (; doing and gifting over-achiever ;)

So I didn't feel guilty...just sorry, that I didn't get to play along! Finn, bless her heart, let me make mine 'late' and she added me to her sidebar anyway. So, you see...we're all winners no matter what! So, add your name to her list and join in the fun!

Here are Finn's NO Quilt Police Allowed, No Rules, Rules":

As Finn says "Anyone can join and play along. The purpose to clear the decks of a few more unfinished projects before we begin 2010! Each quilter (or cross-stitcher) selects how many projects she wishes to finish between now and New Years Eve."

All you have to do is commit to 'x' number of projects and then show photos and track them and let her know as you go's great fun...and help us all get committed (er, feel, be certifiable, know what I mean ;) Last year, many of us were over-achievers, but that was o.k. We still tried!

So join us and check her sidebar for who has signed up so far, and for how much and how many projects!


Scrappy quilter said...

Wow and I thought doing 7 was a high number. I'm hoping I do a whole lot more. Heh, maybe we can have a challenge together. I have way more than 19 to get done. Hmmmmm let me think on that one. It just might be enough of a challenge to get me finished. Hugs

Nancy Sue said...

I love the no rule aspect! Just think, 19 "hand" projects seem like alot, but your "heart" projects completed this year are innumberable ;)

Michele Bilyeu said...

Comments from two witty, charming, challenging quilters...and you both come up as 'noreply'email addresses. Now, you've got me!

You're on Scrappy Quilter (and do let me add some of my 19 are small like bags and even smaller than that like pillowcases for a foster care project...however, Finn knew that and she's the one who did the tally and set me up for 19..tee you're all on. Hope you visited Finn and signed up. Get your count on!

And Nancy Sue! So, super nice and witty too! You're on my hugs list along with Scrappy and so many others!

Finn said...

Wow Michele, I love the "and now we pause for this brief message from our sponsor"...LOL
Love that you wrote about it. I have no doubts you'll reach your goal and no doubt you'll spur other to greater heights! Maybe even me. Sending big hugs for a happy autumn into winter sewing season for all of us, Finn

*karendianne. said...

The front of your fridge delighted me. Go 19!

Scrappy quilter said...

Okay Michelle, you're on!!